Lets talk grind

lots of ppl say crossout is grindy but have u ever played an idle game probably not so let me say this, ive played many and i still do nd just like crossout i have close to 10,000 hrs put in to the games i play well most of them now if i was partnered or contracted by crossout id have about 30,000 hrs cuz it would be the only game id play, so go play an idle game then kets see what game u rather play

i don’t mind if it gives me fun rewards to make me play more,

i used to play that nd never winter

I’ve been gaming since before there were AAA games. About the grind in crossout there are number of types of grind going on at the same time:

Type one: The length of time to gain materials all the way up to a finished item path
Type two: The amount of time to level a faction. Exp tables are a pain.
Type three: Earn rate for market interaction
Type four: the production rate (Time wait to produce an item.)
I might have missed one or two via codrivers, passes, and events…

We have in crossout anywhere from 47 seconds to 3 minutes per mission. As well as upwards toward 15minutes per raid. That’s all the game is right now. The issue though with the game isn’t that it’s just grindy though it’s that all aspects that normally alleviate the grind are removed.