Let's talk the upcoming cabin changes

So stuff getting some update, Cerberus, Werewolf, Muninn and Ghost

Yet it does not feel like they are fixing any of the main problems with the cabs outside the Werewolf where the shotgun drone will be way better than limited time fuze

Ghost, while now more useful as the perk won’t start depleting right after you exit invincibility, is still super slow and sluggish of a cabin for most of the guns outside some ranged sniping combat, that is pretty much dead for the most part

Cerberus, while now properly resisting damage to be a meelee weapon, will still climb on top of builds and the drill not doing damage 9/10 times because of its awkward to use shape and even hinders the functionality of your other meelee weapons because of it, it’s just not a good enough of a weapon to compete with various other cabins that boost a build in different ways

Muninn’s usability will possibly be better, but it’s still way awkward of a cabin to use with most drones, you simply need to be too much in the battle to make use of it. There’s just too many better cabins all around compared to it, like for example Aggressor, that not also boosts Yaoguai types drones as well, does a way better job at boosting the damage of most leave and forget drones like Fuze and Turrets. It’s too sluggish to make proper use of flying overhead drones like owl etc.

There is not really a proper drone that would work with muninn good enough to consider it.

I never had a problem with it really. They could make the drill head a little longer so it sticks past the top edge of the hood. That hood which I generally like the shape of is the only thing that generally ever stops me from doing damage. I’ll generally just thank them for the changes as it’s one of my favorite cabs.

I don’t think the changes fix much of the issue, the drones it uses need to be able to leave the mothership for it to really be useful in targeting. Right now it’s just kind of like giving them caucus like features.

It’s one of those cabs that I had high hopes for and the perk was always was an issue with some weapons. The change I think is good for it but probably still probably isn’t enough. They probably could have given it an additional heli perk like when invisible with an active rotor enemies detection is decreased by X m.

While I like the shape and people tell me it’s useful just because it’s fast, it never felt like the perk was much of a perk. While choice of drone and unlimited time with it is nicer it’s still a drone. I would of rather had a build in tormentor maybe. Out of the few times I’ve tried them and kind of enjoyed them they were on small harvester tormentor builds and having one by default would free up a nice bit of energy.

The Cerberus seems useful “just because it’s fast” to me. But, it also has a convenient built in melee weapon. That drone will only be amusing, and is currently only useless. I’m good with “only amusing,” though, and the melee weapon on the Cerberus is probably a bit underwhelming, I suppose…but it is fast. I think it’s better for “fast.”

They should give the Werewolf drone a CK, so it at least has a unique and fun appearance. I wonder if they plan on updating any of the aesthetics for these cabs?

I don’t mind since it’s fast and the weapon doesn’t cost me any energy. :smiley: It’s saved me many times. Those lasers and explosions hurt my little snout though…lol

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i mean… you have sidekicks but they arent really that popular. they arent terrible, but they arent that good either.
but the one thing is… could you imagine grenadiers unnerfed with that cabin buff? UGH i do not want to think about that :face_with_peeking_eye:
but what change are they making to the muninn?

They are boosting how fast the drone reloads after it died because of the Muninn perk (boost damage but after X seconds the drone goes poof)

So now if your drone went poof because you used the perk, the drone “reloads” faster than normal

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Guys, imagine if instead of the fafnir drone, you’d get 1 randomized drone from the wide selection of drones from the droneapocalypse april fools event

That could be kinda cool

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They could probably have it do the last mounted weapon fairly.

but boost it by how much? because… idk this just seems like a bad perk for the cabin. seems a bit useless to me really.

How about a “fusion” event that included a fusion-like upgrade to the drone that improved its attributes, and/or gave it a CK…maybe added an upgraded body kit for the cab?

They could throw in some custom spoilers, stylish passive melee fenders and bumpers, a few coins, a couple work pieces, a seasonal workbench, two paints, and four Stabilizers, and call it a Battle Pass, too…They could sell it for $9.99.

If it included a “Wolf’s-Howl” horn and a “Hairy Horror Transition-Hologram,” I would buy it.

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I think all of those cabins were underperforming, but also not nearly as broken as some people claim.
So while the buffs aren’t massive game changers, I think they’re enough to make them more appealing,

Better to buff a little and see how it works out than to do a massive rework that could lead to unintended consequences.

I know I have a love for under performing parts, and so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’ve used and enjoyed all of these cabins. But it’s also true that none of these cabins are as bad as many of the items that I love. They need a bit of help, but sometimes a little goes a long way in this game.

After testing out the werewolf and the cerberus I cna safely say that I like 1 of them and on the other the change really does not do much anything in terms of trying to make the cab more popular

Werewolf is fun now, and the small drone without time limit is annoying to shoot at, it’s now a fun cabin. On terms of damage, possibly not as efficient as the fuze but honestly it’s fun to play now

So they’ll probably revert the changes next update because that’s what they do

Cerberus on the other hand still sucks. I still prefer using about any other cabin with meelee or facehugging builds than the cerberus, even with the damage resistance it’s still as bad of a meelee weapon as it was before. The shape is just too awkward, even with mounting a harvester underneath to stop it from climbing on top of builds. Slow, sluggish and bad tonnage at least in all the builds I tried to make, with every other cabin I tried being much more better even if it lacked the +1 poorly performing meelee weapon.

Just too many much better cabs to choose from for any build and weapon really

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i found the werewolf cab to be hilarious and cool so im going to get one lol. itll be fun driving around a little drone taunting people lol.
also whats the multiplier for on the little drone? is that for reload speed? it goes up to i think its 40% anyone know what its for?

The gun on the drone is Fafnir, it’s the same as fafnir, -X% spread while going km/h, max at 60 km/h

not that great of a perk but it is what it is

ahh ok i havent owned a fafnir in a long time so i completely blanked on its perk lol. thanks for the info.

Regarding drones i agree with you.
Muninn is just stupid, i run two drone builds, one with an Aggressor and the other with a Fav cab. I don’t plan to change either, i can take advantage here and there of Aggressor’s perk, Fav cab doesn’t have anything related at first sight but is the heavier duty one and both benefits from the co-driver’s perks.
Making them better than that allegedly focused purpose cab, in my opinion.

Ghost cab…well, you are right…but i can argue if my memory serves me right, it’s the second or third medium cab with the highest mass limit and tonnage ( the first being the Photon cab) and that alone it’s a perk in my book.
If we compared with the Photon, yeah the form factor can be useful for some things, but overall Ghost’s form factor seems more polyvalent, specially now with more connecting slots than what it used to have.
I heard it’s a bit down in power but you know what? Photon cab has less tonnage of the three , a caveat that can be translated in the same way
I think it’s right there in the middle of the pack ( ghost, omnibox, Photon, old steppe spider). Neither one is snappy but they are great if you want to do a beefy medium build above average.
I know the old steppe spider was a heavy build, but stat wise very close to medium builds, the best of two worlds in a single cab until they did what they did.