Leviathan Mayhem in Bedlam

So for the past few days, a few people were able to bring their leviathans into bedlam! This evening, we had 2 players at the same time, with their levis in bedlam…it was very exciting combat, and nobody could avoid getting involved. The fighting was brutal, the two levi owners trying to waste everyone else, and vice versa. Alot of people would like it to become a new “feature”, myself included, to be honest.

I didn’t ask how they managed it, because other people said they could be banned for doing that, and I figured they wouldn’t reveal the secret anyway. And if it’s bannable, I’d be the slob who gets caught if I succeeded in doing it. I’ve heard it’s either some sort of “glitch” or some kind of network “trick”.

Has anybody heard anything about it?


I did find this on a reddit: “well its a bug and a gm CAN ban you for it with no warning but basically right when you load into the session from your garage before actual loading screen theres a short window (based on how slow your internet is, slower = longer window) to change from your build to leviathan”

I also read that PS5 players are bringing in anywhere from 4 to 6 of these things at a time.

i thought about the same thing, except maybe one normal bedlam and one with levis/normal cars mixed, or one big bedlam with certain areas where levis cant go but normal cars can move freely

Question :thinking: If Bedlam is “Anything goes” why should it be a ban-able offence? Seems legit to me to be able to bring what you want being it is stated on the launcher “Anything goes”. Some what contradictory IMHO .

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I would love if they made this an official option

I tried and tried and couldn’t get the bug to work. I tried capping my fps in nvidia control panel to 20 fps. I also tried slowing my internet down by downloading a game on steam plus uploading 3 vids on youtube at the same time but nothing works. Wish jbrider at least gave an hint on how it is done.

I never play bedlam ever but if they introduced levis id definitely poke my head around in bedlam once in a while.


If we could bring leviathans into bedlam normally, I would finally start playing bedlam. That sounds like a blast!

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What’s stopping you from playing bedlam now? :smiling_imp:

I just don’t find it very interesting. But random leviathans in the mix would make it interesting to me.