Leviathan PVP/PVE

Not sure if this has been brought up before but I really wish we could have levi battles. Like 3v3, 2v2, or even 1v1 would be nice.


Leviathans need more use.

My 1st Idea: Adventure mode had a mission where the player uses their leviathan to fight swarms of ravagers.

2v2 Leviathans would be cool, but the current leviathan parameters need to be adjusted. I don’t think people would be very interested in having the Cockpit booster leviathans dominating everything else.

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I thought a mode with players fighting player controlled levy would be cool but then I realized a booster levy with tons of everything(aimbot controlled retchers and sh*t) isn’t anything cool. At least needs some major overhaul to levi mechanics.
It would likely be a dream come true for all those lazy chickens playing drones, caucasus and such but who would fight one?
Levy vs levy sounds almost neat and doable though. Nothing interesting for me or anythone like me he doesn’t store junk not used for pvp. At least they should have allowed levy to bedlam… with mechanic to choose what multiple targets to attack(and don’t attack anything by default) Anyways, need some more stuff for levi.

yeah I was referring to levi on levi battles but a horde mode would be cool too. Seeing how long you could last with each wave getting progressively harder.
I really just want to be able to actually use my builds. All we can do is send them to invasions and hope they take part/win.

I had an idea that might make the mode more interesting.

  • Each Leviathan will be controlled by 3-4 players.

  • Leviathan mass limit is more dependent on the cabin.

*Remove autoaim, weapon groups be assigned to players within a group

*Leviathan weapon limit increased to 16.

Same, Leviathans can be used in Clan Wars, but CW-worthy leviathans are extremely expensive to build. And personally, I don’t enjoy Leviathan Clan Wars.

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You know that actually almost works right now with Contact 2M and stuff. Somehow though that doesn’t results in anything viable or interesting(unless it is bug using skywalker build :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). Besides, any levi’s nightmare is incinerator so it’s always will be about creative ways of stopping levi and retchers to deal major damage and scorpions to target explosive modules…
Idk. It sounds very complicated and messy. I’d rather think of something more simple.
Devs do though some serious work for temporary events like ravager chase… perhaps they’ll make something at some point.

Yeah, my idea is a bit convoluted. I like the idea of Leviathans, I just don’t like the execution of it.

They barely balanced game around 16 energy limit, those levi modes sounds like getting everything to a whole new level. Also devs avoid making a messy, unbalanced or unplayable modes that make shame and cringe for the game or extremely profitable ones too.
Levy vs players - complicated.
Levy vs levy - lets thing of the first thing… where levy targets? Center of build or cab. Two larg levi firing in one direct dot of each doesn’t sounds nice and brings potential to exploits and new ugly builds. They would need to target weapons like yaoguai drones, idk.

More like lack of one.
But than again, levis was never anyting in core idea of the game. They made it just for the fun of building, then made some modes to see some levi action, They probably didn’t and don’t see them as something becoming a thing in the game on pair with regular builds.

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Levi Wars needs removed for Clan Wars and made it’s own leader board.

Until this happens, I’m not interested in any new messed up Levi mode. We already have one Levi mode that they added and then left it to rot. Let’s fix that one first.

Which one? CW? There are two. PvE one is rather ok imo. Playing it every day. Not so stale as any other PvE cause each time its a bit different levy pulling some new weird tricks.

I rarely play PvE so I always forget those modes.

Ok, let me correct myself:

We have two modes that have Levi’s that where left to rot.

Mode #1 - Invasions: A sorry excuse for a game mode that was meant as a coin sink. This mode was intended for players to spend tons of coins on a giant war machine and get back little to no rewards.

Mode #2 - Levi Wars: A non-competitive auto-aim bot battle added to regular clan wars to make clans that suck at regular Clan Wars feel better about themselves. You only need one crazy guy with a ton of gear to win Ore. Then once these no skill clans push into high ranking they stop playing and steal ranked spots from clans that do know how to play regular CWs.

No. It is fine. Just don’t use repair kits there. Or one if confident it’ll be enough, still pays off if counts to weekly challenges.
I prefer it over any PvE for that opportunity to see new levi each time, something new and unique player creativity, just like XO intends.

That is not the reward I’m talking about.

The copper reward you get from building and sending out your own Levi is pointless.

Building levi is something one would probably supposed to do just for fun. That copper is a little something for automatic afk farming. But with weapon limit changes they made, building levi takes tons of weapons, which you probably won’t use for anything else so I’m never building one unless I become superrich and buys everything in the game just for fun.
Yeah, it’s a shame you can’t take your levy anywhere beyond own range and… CW? Which still a lot of people like me ignore.