Leviathan raids solo

Can we please get leviathan raids solo. As leviathans are kinda pointless unless you can somehow do Clan wars. Leviathan raids would be so fun and add a end game goal.

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you CAN send them out for the invasion mode but i always found this to be pointless because my levi never gets into matches. when it does it usually just loses.
people say “build in this ps bracket” but i cant get my levi that high in powerscore and it just makes it completely pointless to build a levi until you have a ton of weapons and high ps stuff you can slap onto it. id love to have leviathan focused raids, that way i can actually build one to have a purpose.
only thing is i dont think the devs will do that.
i hope they do though cause i think it would be fun.

Totally agree with this. There should also be Rippers on the ground every 10 feet in the raid. So you get the full immersion of what its really like to play a Levi.