Leviathan rewards

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im curious how the copper reward is calculated
im assuming the victorys calculation is what caused me to get so much less , but 15 enemies destroyed and 0.25 victory ? does that mean 1 of 4 people quit before finishing?

That’s kind of what I would think too, I’ve never seen it confirmed by any of the Devs. It’s seems to correlate directly to the total scores amount i.e. .25 = 15,000, while 1 = 60,000.

I’d love to hear officially how the total points ratio works though as there’s other point totals showing. There’s some more result caps in the EAB thread. I’m dragging them over for some added results to look at:

Summary 1

Summary 2


Summary 3


Summary 4

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i suppose the equation is there if you hover over each result , ill have to see what i can figure out after my leviathan returns again … just seems crazy to get 15 kills and only 76 copper lol

I think your getting a fraction of the possible award if you don’t have a victory but it’s hard to tell how they are calculating the actual material reward value.