Lill Key marker on market for things we can't buy

Yep just came out of market and a lill key marker for the things I can’t buy. Why not? Because you don’t have my phone number listed. Your not getting it. And people including me pay for things in game. So as a paying customer I will only give you a heart felt Screw You! Your Not getting my phone number. Your Not getting an ability to explode my phone with ads and who knows what else. NOT HAPPENING! So if you want to continue to lose money, not to mention players with this do continue. In the mean time your still not getting my number. Continue to annoy people and they will find something else to play. And take their money with them. DUH!

I think you can activate two-step-verification with just your email (if that’s the issue), although these days trying to get an email provider that doesn’t ask for your phone number can be troublesome.
I haven’t given anybody a phone number. I just use my email and the code they send me there to log on. My verification seems to be saved somewhere in my game file, because I only had to enter it once for this computer and it hasn’t asked me for a code since, except to log onto the forum.
Read their request for two-step verification carefully and I think you’ll find an option to simply use your email. They used to give you a sticker for your trouble (it’s ugly), but it should open up the market for you, I reckon.

I wouldn’t hand out my phone-number like that either. Good call.


You can just make a dummy email solely for that, pretty easy to do and the spam they might send there aint really in your sight (I did for mine and I dont recall them sending any spam/ads). Sure it’s a bit meh that they nerf stuff if you don’t have it on, but it’s their way to incite people making their accounts more safe since 2 step authen. is decent at that account security wise.

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This is real issue. I left my account dormant for a few months (rage quit, level 30), and when I came back all my stuff was gone. My inventory had been sold, and the all coins drained. It’s happened to a lot of people.

Use the two-step. it’s not that big of a deal.
It would be if they asked for my phone number. When I first encountered this policy on two-step verification I was mad too, when I thought they were going to require my phone number. That is a deal breaker for me, as well.
I get where the OP is coming from, but fortunately you don’t need to give them a phone number.

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