List of changes I would like to see

  1. Ping balancing
    ping is a hard thing to account for, it makes driving harder, it makes aiming harder, it makes shooting harder
    tap left, your car decided it wants to turn 90 degrees into a wall, great thanks game that is what I wanted, i have no idea how to fix driving but it is annoying, I know different wheel setups can help this problem, and driving at a different speed can help as well, faster speeds = more unpredictability from steering inputs
    aiming with 360 weapons is slower on high ping, it feels like when you move your weapon on high ping it takes a moment before the gun responds to your movement, meaning, it starts turning later then it would otherwise, fixing this is simple, for players with high ping, just, give them turning speed boost for weapons to compensate for the fact that their gun wont imminently respond to their mouse movements
    shooting, firing your weapon in cross out is delayed, this is hard to fix for most weapons with an "instant trigger’ such as a cannon but when it comes to a weapon like the waltz, where it has a delay before firing to begin with, you actually could shorten it’s windup time to compensate for ping, likewise lock on weapons like the hurricane or pyre could have a slightly extended lock on period after you loose sight of the target. so many times I would click to shoot someone, then have the target go out of range, and the game not register that I wanted to shoot them until they were out of sight, if i was on low ping, the missiles would of fired and locked on their target, on high ping the game things I actually just wanted to shoot missiles off into space, thanks game
    I’m sure their might be other things you can do to help compensate for lag, I kind of imagine a system where, the more lag you have, the more compensation you get in a way, not enough to be overpowered, just enough for the game to not feel frustrating at times

  2. matchmaking, this game groups survivors into 3 separate categories based on their account level, it basically has segregated lobbies and the reason it is like this is to stop smurfing, fair enough, ok so the want to stop smurfing, but can they do it in a way that does not extend queue times/ cause you to play with a bunch of bots?
    right now the lobbies are split up between players that are between 0-10, 10-20 and 20-30 or something like that, this means that if you are level 30, you will be playing in the level 30 lobby etc and if you for example want to play with a friend that is low level, you need to create a new account to do so otherwise you will be dragging them into the level 30 lobby, in the level 30 lobby people only really play 5K+ and you will be able to find matches easier when you matchmake at a higher PS, however, your friend wont be able to reach 5k when they start playing which means you either need to make a new account, or pull a 2k noob into a 6k lobby, both ideas I find ridiculous

here are my ideas to fix this, first of all, remove the stupid lobby groups, just have one giant lobby, this will reduce search times, give us less bots in games but, it will reintroduce the possibility for smurfs to do, smurfy things and we don’t want this obviously, well how do you stop smurfs from smurfing? that’s surprisingly simple to do, and you can do it in a a few ways
when you reach a certain account level or whatever, maybe it can even be every single level, you get a power score tax, this means that, if you want to build the same vehicle as a low level player, your power score will be higher, so for example, when we start the game, the starter car is 860 or something right? lets say my friend just started and they have an 860PS car, if I build the same car and try to play with them, as a level 30 player, my car’s PS might come out to be about 1500 even tho we have an identical car, I as the veteran player would have to remove parts Armor etc in order to play with “noobs” and i as a veteran player would be happy to do that because I’m not trying to smurf I just want to play with a friend
however if someone does try to “smurf” by taking a bunch of fused parts etc, if they try to build a 3,500PS vehicle for example, they might get dumped in with 5K players instead, see what I’m getting at here? you would give noob players a PS buff over veteran players, and the best thing about this, it makes absolutely no difference for when your playing with players that are the same level as you

the second idea for this which is my less preferred idea as it doesn’t account for each type of way someone can smurf, is basically, putting you against players with similar types of weapons, so if you are using a legendary weapon at a low PS it will try to match you with others that also have legendary weapons for example, I myself am less keen on this idea since it does reintroduce segregated lobbies in a way just not as bad, and it also wouldn’t completely fix the problem I feel

  1. coolers, coolers are better now which is great and depending on how they would if you stack like 3-4 coolers they may even become better then 3-4 radiators, but they still kind of suck to be honest, the whole idea of a cooler to begin with is almost a flawed idea, they do what? let you cool down your weapons mid fight? I think I would rather just shoot more and have a longer cooldown later after the fight is over, when it comes to PVP you want to do burst damage or allot of damage all at once to get a kill, even if coolers were completely equal to radiators, radiators would STILL be better because of their burst capabilities, and if radiators are equal to coolers, what is the point of coolers to begin with? they give no added utility and at the end of the day, they give the same outcome as radiators, but just do it worse (unless you like stack 3+ of them potentially and get your cooling capacity to 400% if that is even possible)

coolers need to reduce the 1 second wait time before a weapon starts to go on cooldown so they benefit tap firing more, make radiators good at constant firing, and make coolers good for tap firing give them some utility some recognition, don’t make them radiators but worse, make them unique, make them do something radiators cannot do, #ChangeMyMind

  1. dying and waiting until the match is over is boring which by extension makes the game more boring, but I can’t just leave without the match being over because I will get minimum rewards, you cant even see your score to see if you qualify for rewards furthermore getting people out of matches sooner when they don’t need to be in them would help speed up queue times but anyway here’s the solutions
    solution 1 just let us leave if we die, and collect rewards later, this was we can start matchmaking again or do whatever
    solution 2 let us have the option to control the bots not for the purpose of gaining extra resources or whatever, but just so we have something to so, lets say mid match, you die, you have points not the board so you don’t want to leave, how about, instead of the bots on your team just driving into a wall, you you know, could take control of them and press the “reverse” key? hay? yeah how about that, let players control the bots and let players reverse the bots out of the wall they are crashing into repeatedly, this wont stop bots form dying instantly which can also cause you to loose the game, but the solution to that is with the shortening of queue times and widening of available players see one of my previous suggestions for the solution to that

  2. in raids, sometimes you get matched up with players that are twice of half your PS level, now I have no problem with this, what I have a problem with is how raids balance themselves, as far as I can tell raid difficulty is scaled based on the strongest member on your team, so if you have a bunch of 6K players and a single 10K player it will be a difficult 10K raid, this low key kind of sucks, and in many cases just causes the raid to be a loss depending on what type of raid you are doing, especially one involving defending a tower for example, your 3 6k players wont be able to kill things quick enough before the tower gets destroyed, if I’m not mistaken I think we get 3 free respawns now? I think in the past you only got like 1 or 2? something like that, this defiantly helps for most raids but is not the solution, it just makes some raids easier and other raids harder when you have unbalanced teams if you have 3 6k players and s single 10k player, the raid should be balanced around 7k not 10k

if you bothered spending the time reading this, thankyou, and please let me know your thoughts on these topics, let me know if you have had any experience with any of these issues, and what your solutions are to some of these issues

I do not like any of your ideas. Imo they would make the game worse. I didn’t read your raid idea though, because IDC about raids. Do what you will to raids lol.

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what don’t you like about any of my ideas? do you even have a reason for disliking any of my ideas? or is your only reason because “you don’t like change”

About coolers.
Yes, you want bursts, but it’s not always the case that a long burst (in tap fire) is better than the ability to start firing again quickly.
Coolers do pretty much what they should. And pretty good of a job. And you get a choice, put them on or don’t.
I think they are fine. I am a machine guns player most of the time, and I use the combo of a fused cooler and fused radiator.
Sometimes I don’t get to kill, cripple or disarm in a long tap fire, and I want to be able to keep on the fight for longer, and that means coolers…
To each his own, but they do wonders for me… So like I’ve said. Use 'em if you want 'em, don’t if you don’t.

Just a quick note on the “let us quit when we die” thing.

I come from an older gaming generation, and I think XO is WAY TOO LENIENT with people who don’t put in the efforts. I still remember learning Counter-Strike. Being bad or a beginner at CS meant you spent 80% of your game time watching others play cuz you were dead. Not learning to use your minimap meant you’d kill allies because of friendly-fire, and either get smacked for it, or outright kicked by players in a server if you didn’t do the effort of learning to use your minimap, like everybody else. Not spending a couple hours at least with the AK learning to use it meant you’d fail to hit a barn past 10 meters.

Multiplayer games are, by nature, competitive. The worst thing you can do to your game (at least for gamers, casual players enjoy easy af games, I heard) is give it so many crutches there is basically zero incentive to get good anymore. And XO is already very close to that. Honestly, I love to complain about my teammates in XO, but what’s the worst that can happen? Being rammed by an ally? If this game was CS, randoms would flash and friendly kill their teammates all game long, and just leave the instant they die to go ruin another lobby.

I honestly think leaving early, death or not, should give you a penalty. You joined a god damn team multiplayer game, it lasts 5 mins max, have the decency to stick around. If you got lanced 30s into the game, think about what you could have done differently instead of leaving and getting lanced 30s later again, leaving another team 7v8.
Imagine if soccer players just left the stadium without sticking with their team once called off the terrain. Yeah, that would be scumbaggy and propote bad team interactions


you need to look into how coolers work mate I know they are confusing but check out the coolers vs radiators thread recently, I have allot of posts in their, the problem with coolers is simply this, radiators increase how many shots you can shoot, coolers do not, lets say you can shoot 10 shots or you can shoot for 10 second whatever you want, lets say a radiator increases the amount of shots/ amount of seconds you can shoot for by 100% which would be 20 bullets or 20 seconds right?
not with a cooler lets say it had the same stats lets say it takes 5 seconds for the gun to cooldown 1 second for the cooldown to start, 4 seconds that you can reduce with coolers, you go from 5 seconds to 3 seconds because you still need to wait for the gun to start cooling down, in fact you need to start waiting for the gun to cooldown with radiators as well, but with radiators, you only have to wait once, with coolers, you have to wait that 1 second every single time you go on cooldown, this 1 second wait is the reason why coolers are bad 100% radiator is better then 100% cooler, you will be able to shoot more while waiting for your cooldown less if you just use a radiator instead, it is only until you reach about 400% cooling capacity that you start to beat out radiators in regards to how long your shooting for, vs how long you are waiting for your guns to cooldown, but please, check out the coolers vs radiators thread

All I can say is that without doing the math, but playing with them, I got to where using a Fused cooler + a fused Radiator was better for me than 2 fused rads.
Now if I can choose one only, it’s a rad… And I don’t go above 1 cooler.
Are rads better? YES.

alright so we are not allowed to leave matches because it, discourages us to get better? or about sportsmanship or something? mate if I enter a match get a single kill, then get blown up by an invisible lancer how am I learning anything form that? how does that experience make me want to get better at the game? how will watching the rest of the match impact the rest of my team? how will it effect them? this is a casual game not a sporting event, and I’m not leaving to go ruin another lobby, you can’t win every game, and you can’t help your team once you are dead
your worried about this causing bad team interactions? mate you remove the bad team interactions that are already in the game by letting the idiots move onto a different game rather then complaining about their team etc
and if all this is still so big of an issue, just let us control the stupid bots that
I don’t see this as a crutch, it wont make the game easier, your still going to die, your still going to want to get better because of it

Me too.
The reason is simple. With no penalty, people will leave matches all the time. ‘Little Billy doesn’t like how team mate Boris honked at him after bumping him, so he leaves the whole team a player short’.
Right now, little Billy sticks around and fights.


yeah I’m not 100% sure how coolers stack, if they stack additively they get worse the more you stack on, but if they stack multiplicatively after about 3 coolers they become better then 3 rads, unfortunately I don’t have 3 shivers to test with, and not many players take that many into battle anyway

you miss my point, I’m saying if you die if you you should be able to leave match with no penalty. if you are still alive and you leave mid game YEAH you should get a penalty/ no rewards. honestly I don’t even care I have YouTube open on a second monitor I normally just watch that until the match is over, and in saying that, I don’t see why I cant leave and I don’t see why the game cant just be, more interesting, I don’t see why I cant either just control the bots or move onto a new game, spectating ain’t doing nothing for me or my team, I will stick around if I can ping something on the map but otherwise meh

then get blown up by an invisible lancer how am I learning anything form that?

Did you get lanced as soon as the match begun? Then watch were you were and learn how much distance a lancer can cover in 30-40s. Did you get lanced by a solo dude, with the enemy team far away? Chances are you could have spotted him on the minimap, flanking your team before cloaking. Did you blow up after 2 lances? Then your build probably needs work. I very rarely get lanced, and everytime I do, I wonder if I could have done something better. Most of the time the answer is yes, ofc I could have. And I specifically do this because getting lanced isn’t fun and I want it to happen as little as possible, lol. The fact that you automatically assume you couldn’t have done anything better and just want to restart the game knowing you won’t improve in that aspect and might very well get lanced 40s into the game again just seems weird to me. If you find getting lanced unfun, doing nothing about it but restarting more games seems counter-productive, you’ll just get lanced more.

Bad teamplay isn’t about people flaming in chat. XO has basically no chat toxicity tbh. Games are so short and there’s so little incentive to win or do well, most people do exactly as you said, they just do whatever and start another game without asking themselves any questions. Bad teamplay is about people throwing games in 30s not looking at the minimap, then leaving without a word to go do the same thing in another game ASAP. Bad teamplay is when your random allied Vector build rams the shit out of you while you’re meleeing an opponent, just to make sure he can get his 40 pts and reward, a quick defeat, and go farm another round. It’s when your derp ally pushes you out of the bridge and doesn’t come to unflip you because his reward is tied to his score and helping allies gives no score.
Currently the game heavily promotes a tragic lack of teamplay, and letting people just score 40 pts, blow themselves up, and instantly restart a game with full reward would lead to a whole lot of toxic farming, and even less incentive to play well.


mate it’s just an example you cant expect to win every match and you cant expect to stay alive for the entire match every match, I WANT to do it regardless so I can get more POINT and have fuel at the end of the match, regardless of being able to leave after I die or not it does NOT make me want to put less effort into the game, alight? I think that mindset is misinformed, furthermore, if I get lanced, or if I die without getting any point I am going to leave already, you know why? cus if I stay to the end of the game, I get nothing, and if I leave, I still get nothing, but I can at least try again in a new match, I never said I automatically assumed their was nothing else I could do, now your putting words in my mouth and I RELLY don’t appreciate that OK? your acting a little sus, your gaslighting me here, of Corse their was probably something I could of don’t better, or a different way to design my vehicle, I’m not arguing with you on that regards in fact this whole lancer thing is irrelevant to the point I’m trying to make, I’m talking about leaving after you DIE I’m not talking about how good or how bad you are, in fact that point is stupid, if your bad and you go in and you die without doing anything guess what? you get nothing anyway so theirs nothing stopping bad players from leaving and going to a new lobby
you get points based on how good you do in game, get a bad score and you don’t score as many points blow yourself up mid game, well now your team is more likely to loose which means less rewards at the end, and you don’t have the ability to collect fuel, people farming and abusing the system is a good point you bring up, in fact the only good point you have brought up so far but you know that is pretty easy to fix right? all you need is "incentive to do better in team, such as getting more rewards when you get more points, and maybe getting more rewards when you win rather then when you get defeated, this is also a “I want to win game” you play the game because you want to win, I really don’t think being able to leave after you die will change the game as much as you think in regards to people getting 40 points and then leaving to farm or whatever

lets say it takes 2 minutes to get into a match, let say 40 points, your team loosing gives you 5 scrap, lets say it takes you 1:30 minutes to get 40 points ok so you just spent 3:30 getting 5 scrap, good on you

lets say you wait 2 minutes to get into a game, lets say you got more then 40 points, you got oh idk 400 points or whatever, and your team wins, the game takes 4 minutes in total and you get 20 scrap and 15 fuel in 6 minutes

what player made more scrap per minute? I will give you a hint, it is not the person trying to cheat the system it is the person that played the game and won with his team, now, I will ask you, do you think your previous point about people farming is still valid? or do you think their is a way in game to prevent farming in this way? do you think that way in game is quite literally already in place?

I doesn’t take 2 mins to find a game unless you’re playing 2k PS at prestige 50+, duh. Lets take a more credible example, with your suggestion to give full reward to leavers.

What prevents me from lancing one person, or mandraking spawn-to-spawn, and instantly blowing myself up to pocket my full reward?

It takes like 10s to find a game depending on which hour and PS you play at. In fact, there is no diminished rewards for reputation, and lancing+leaving is already the best way to farm rep, which made Foundrs and Syndicate events painful af because a quarter of the game’s population was lancing and leaving 30s into the game lol.

The bot thing has already been discussed, and deemed a bad idea because of lancers too. Moreover, there isn’t bots in every game, and ideally there should be not bots at all, this is supposedly a PvP game.


I live in Australia so it takes me on average 2 minutes to find a match but the time is irrelevant it is just an example
you could adjust the rewards system to factor in for these changes as well and help prevent some of the issues you bring up
so your worried about lancers match jumping from one to another, ok so lets add a time staying alive bonus, the longer you stay alive in the match the more rewards, this would discourage people from running in and dying instantly, you might say that this de-buffs lancers to some degree, does it? lancers can still help assure the victory which means that having a crazy suicide bomber on your team could sway the tide of the battle, which means the lancer will still get more points, will they get as many points as the players who did more damage? no but that’s because they didn’t do as much damage idk, I really don’t see an issue that couldn’t easily be fixed

you have a fair point with bots and they are only one option we can choose to ignore the bot idea entirely if it is too hard to figure out a solution to, and if lancers are currently the best way to farm up then it wouldn’t even really hurt them if they got nerfed a bit from new changes, ie staying alive longer gives you better rewards etc, this in itself might be enough to discourage this type of suicidal gameplay where you go in, explode one and a half people, then die, I acknowledge that lancers may be a problem and would require some careful thinking to not completely break the balance of the game
also you think XO is too lenient on players why do poorly in game? ok so punish them by giving them less rewards for dying instantly, that should teach them real quick on how to get good, I think hat was one of your previous concerns

This is also true.
If there was no penalty for death, there would be a significant raise of lancers.
Everyone who needs to make some coin or farm rep will play one.
It really takes a lancer 30 seconds to score two kills and then blow himself up. While yes, he did a lot for the team taking two targets out, it would be Hell with so many of them lancing around.

This was discussed over and over in the past years, and was one of the main reason people are against leaving after death with no penalty.

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I solved this specific issue after changing from WLAN to cable conenction for Internet. It was lag spikes every couple minutes at worst possible moment, now its either laggy or not but barely any “spikes”

thanks for the tip, unfortunately I’m not on wireless, I just live in Australia so the best server I can play is is the NA as a level 30 engineer, it is impossible to matchmake in Australia, which is half the reason why I want them to change how they prevent smurfing, I want them to prevent smurfing while still letting me play with as many people as i have available to me

if you got more rewards for staying alive longer it would discourage the lancer issue significantly and encourage players to you know, play better