* Listen up Clans....🔊

nuff said. :crazy_face:

But we got a free pack with 2 Luparas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Much more useful than this crappy event.

I did 4 games today, 3 i tried to be under 5 minutes ( like in past events)… i failed.
And one i really tried, 88 wires for 27 minutes.
way too long, way not worth it.

Now i wonder why is taking so long to the abusers abuse this game mode, like they did with previous ones.

It’s simple , give up after the 3 rd wave. and try again.
after half an hour we can get more than 88 wires

They r all cheaters on those leaderboards. I grind my resources honestly.

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I don’t think anyone can hit the leaderboard on this without a squad of Hadron Porcs. Even with Retchers random players are impossible to win with as not everyone has the right idea or gear.

I’ve only played in random lobbies and I haven’t made it past 14. There’s no cheating it’s just a game mode that rewards group play and Porcupines.


they just made it harder with lower rewards, wave 12 there’s so much bots keep respawning with high dura, not mentionning sick dmg… all of these for crappy crackers to craft stuff that was ingame since like 2018, nothing new since.
they better keep making new ads for War thunder

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The devs should of had the foresight to see that the people who would come out on top of the leaderboard in this event is clans with upgraded relics. I’ve only played it solo so far with quad porcs/echo cab and can’t make it past wave 15 despite doing at least 400 000 damage while all the other randoms I’m paired up with barely does 100 000 if that and a lot of them are trying their best too but they just don’t have the same tools I got to score any higher.

I’m gonna try and gather 3 other players sometime before the event ends who got at least retchers(don’t expect them to have porcs) and see how high I can climb cause I definitely ain’t getting any higher then what I’m at now playing solo.

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I heard it helps a lot if you do cheat, though…until you get caught, at least. Then, IDK what happens, they reset the scoreboard and write and ugly letter to your probation officer, I guess?

Not worth my time. I know I won’t achieve :poop:

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