* Livestream with the developers. A closer look at the new season

Livestream with the developers. A closer look at the new season


The new “Ravagers Ascension” season will begin very soon. It’s time to take a closer look at the new “ravaging” modules and parts, and the other upcoming features of the next major update.

Join us on June 5th at 14:00 GMT on the Targem Games Twitch channel and on the Crossout YouTube channel.


This sounds ominous… :grimacing:

I’m not really seeing the Ravager flavor coming out very strong. I’m trying to be optimistic, but I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something. I’m a bit cranky, and not really buying this.

I’ll need more convincing, and I’m open to it, but…IDK. I do get the impression this Ravager season will be more immersive than some of the other Battle Passes, having support events run along side it, I think. So, that will help my attitude, if that’s the case.

I’m more into the immersion and atmosphere than the high PS guns and gear. I’m here for an escape, not conquest or validation. Having Operation Red light and the other Ravager events running will be nice, even if this BP sucks.

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Sim Ants vs the Exterminators.

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The live-stream this morning has greatly enhanced my impression of this Battle Pass. Even the cab I thought was so underwhelming artistically looks good to me, after getting a 3d view of it. Dare I say, “I love it?” Maybe, I do.

I don’t think I’ll be letting Doc take another pass on this pass. This one’s a keeper, IMO…and a new map too!

Some of it looks a little OP, maybe, but I’m all about the aesthetics, and those look top shelf to me. Very creepy…and a Ravager faction? Hmmm…I think I remember somebody mentioning that a Ravager Faction might be a cool thing.

Anyway, thanks, Devs. Nice work.

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Any new info about the season, beyond what has been in the preview posts?

The live stream was this morning, and the update drops sometime around the witching hour, I think. If you watched the video up top, I think you’re up to speed on the announcements.

Global brake of builds

Ya, this is probably going to upset a lot of people. I won’t care so much, but who knows what the end balance will be like? It could be a rough flight. I’ve fastened my seat-belt and placed my tray in its full upright position.

every update in every game ppl cry cuz omg my build is now trash blah blah blah

Can’t watch the video at work, so I guess I will catch up later.


And all suddenly all become acoustic

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I wasn’t that impressed. The art teams animations are getting better though.

I was surprised by the durability on the structure parts. The wheels seem too much as well.

I just wish it wasn’t a small map, it does look nice though.

It should be interesting tomorrow.

I would have liked to see more decor.

It was pretty short and showed most of the normal info they tend to. They showed some of the potential uranium gains. The market was already screwed up by the time they got to the weapons recipes in the Russian version. They even cut that portion short in the English version telling us to go screen cap it and go buy stuff while flicking through fast. I think the recipes for some of it are going to frustrate people as they are still using a fair amount of only in mini-pass past BP items again.


It seems like this is how they are going to use the mini-BPs, so I guess we need to get used to it.
I’m usually happy with whatever we get in the main-BPs, but for people that want more high end stuff, it seems like the mini-BPs can be very lucrative. Originally I saw them as something targeting players who missed the earlier main BPs, but I didn’t realize how much veterans could also gain from stockpiling some of those ingredient items.

When they use to introduce the side factions they used all their own parts starting from special up in their recipes using universally craft able rare items. The change from that formula it’s just kind of sad for the game as it ensured a certain amount of base fairness. The mini-passes wouldn’t be so bad if they were just for catching up on past battle passes but the over use of that monetization scheme is really pushing some of the worst aspects of the game. Stuff like player to player price gouging, enshitification of the established crafting system…

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