Locked into using Relative to Camera

This is just a bad idea. I will quit hands down if this happens. I wanna puke, relative to fkn camera. I’m not gonna relearn this game. Who is making these terrible suggestions?

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Yeah this is the single worst implementation in the game to date. It’s my only real quarrel with the test server changes. It’s far too drastic an enforced change.

Rotating tracks on the spot will be so wonky.

It isn’t a very popular idea. If they left that part out, I doubt many would have any issue with this update at all. It certainly isn’t something anybody asked for, as far as I know. Which makes me think that since it’s their idea, seemingly out of the blue, that they’ll do it anyway.

I don’t care much either way, personally, and I can live with it either way. I’m not sure anybody is wowed by it though, so it’s probably logical to just skip it. Maybe they will, but I think they have an agenda with this. I think they’re up to something. It’s a major change, they seem determined, and appear prepared to accept that people won’t like it initially, and so I think sooner or later (probably sooner) they will implement this in some form or the other anyway.


I agree u might be right, they are on a fast track to whatever they want this game to be. I’m sad, there is no other game where hovering warfare and large mechs can battle in a game, we’ve all played wheeled warfare(twisted metal) this is an original design and they seem to wanna pigeon hole the creativity into certain styles. These movement styles will no longer be viable or enjoyable to use, everyone will use fire dogs and shotguns even more. What can counter them now?

Ya, they’ve got us by the short hairs there, don’t they? If there was another game like Crossout, I probably would have left a long time ago. It’s been a rough ride.

I was having pretty good luck with the ML-200s. Their movement and agility improves considerably with this update I think. Some kids on reddit are even saying that it might make them a little OP, and are forecasting a new legged META. I’m not sure about all that, but I did like the way my ML-200s performed , specifically against dogs on wheels.

Legs are the current counter to dogs. Once enough practice is put in you can easily kill them. You are right tho, they will do this change regardless of the feedback. We can only wait and see, there is much praise from newer players that only use wheels so it will be skewed in that direction anyway

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Strafing changes won’t effect tracks, what are you talking about?

Yeah it does. It makes it Wierd and difficult to rotate your car in place using the joystick while in relative to camera settings. Go and try it out. I often rotate my tracks on the spot atm and it’s very important for porc aiming.

How are you getting on to the test server on PS4?
The notes say nothing about this change applying to non-strafing parts. It would only effect tracks if you mixed some omniwheels in with them.

You guys really need to stop with the “muh creativity”. I haven’t seen a single front-facing hover besides a Nova one since 3 years lmao. “Oh no, you’re stiffling the creativity of people who download 99% of their builds from the expo!”

Planned changes suck, but don’t bring creativity into this, it has nothing to do with XO >_>

Additionally, I have to disagree on the “legs kill melees” bit. Legs are garbage against melee, they can’t resist being pushed at all. Best bet against melees is to bring wheeled bricks, they tank and push much better than spiders. If anything, MLs need a +25% fire resist buff to make them somewhat viable against flamers.

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I thought the new changes prevent legs from being pushed around by melee? That was one of the things I’m most excited about to tell the truth.

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True but you can easier do melee Damage to the ml Leg now. I recorded it 9:36 in my Video:

Bigrams builds are the hard counter to rush.