Locking Blueprints

I wish you could put a lock on Blueprints, just overwritten another nice build :slight_smile: I know, I’m stupid, but it would be nice if such an option would protect me from my own stupidity.


i did the same and i could never rebuild it the same way again…
so i just make copies of my builds i use the most.it helps when i make changes to them as well.i can always go back the original…
but yes a lock would be nice.

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I know that hurts. When I have an idea, I am using the “Game suggestions”-button on top of this forum. Sometimes things are getting integrated into a later update. I don’t know and I don’t care if it happens based on my suggestion, but I like it when things are made as needed. Maybe you can give it a try? :slight_smile:


good plan, but I know that it is already few times proposed. I try again, who knows?


I have done that with builds where I have had to be very clever in packaging to get the build to work. Then accidentally deleting it and having no idea how I put the thing together LOL

I second to this notion entirely!

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I often have to overwrite builds I’d rather keep, to make room for new builds I need or want, or to try out new stuff.

What I do is, I go into Build, dismantle the car piece-by-piece, and take a screenshot each time (or as needed), then organize the screenshots into a folder for that build. Then I’ll know how to recreate it later.


I use exhibition as blueprint storage… in case you’re not already doing that.

Sometimes, my builds are not that complicated anymore. Rebuilding is normally not the issue. Sometimes you have a build, that after alot versions suddenly hits all the sweetspots, often caused by minor change, like exchanging 2 armor parts to change weight distribution.
You save it, original is on exhibition, you move on with other build, I change alot, often every battle other type build. You forget that perfect last version, overwriting it, shout some religious words, DL original from exhibition and mmmhh what was it what I changed, 1 thing or was it more? My old brain…

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I find more and more, I don’t have actual builds I keep returning to, but weapon, cab, wheel, module combinations. I know the synergies that work, and will start a build with just those pieces in a single piece of frame.

So I will pull one of my builds out of the exhibition that I know has all the right synergies and strip it down to those Key Parts, then start building from there. It takes the brain work out of it and allows me to just be creative.

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The only builds I put on the exhibition are ones that work surprisingly good so other people can try them. Some are art cars, but always “usable”.

My blueprints are rarely the same two months in a row. Many times I log in and build what ever I am playing that day.

I am neutral on a lock.