Locust new physical model

So yesterday evening I saw a post on the reddit complaining about them updating the physical model of the Locust, and sure enough today when checking in-game the aiming on my own locust build was altered (one rocket permanently stuck aiming too high) and all the ones I tested in the exhibition also had problems with the physical model and aiming, less in the on top of a build layout, but much in the usual stacked on top of each other lineup, the aiming is all wonky. Not that it had lots of it, but now it’s even worse to the point that you can’t aim all three rockets at an enemy like you used to be able to

But the original post on reddit has been removed for some reason, and I see no mention on the updated physical model on the notes anywhere. There was some other gun they mentioned as well that had the same problem, but I can’t remember what it was as it was not one I had. Might have been the Helicons? I remember hearing that those also aren’t properly working on past builds.

But yeah Locusts have been altered

With further testing, it looks like they are either trying to, or have accidentally, nullified the usual locusts arranged on top of each other building style with the physical model “update”

Testing out building with them, the bottom one suddenly starts aiming all the way up when moving the cursor towards the side of the build they are mounted on, and even after arranging a 1 block gap between each mounted Locust and moving them up by 2 blocks in general in the build, they still end up with the problem of one locust pointing wildly in a random direction different from the other two when aiming or moving around, getting all three to shoot in the same spot is now as tedious as it can be