LOL did they miss the point of making the game more friendly for new players?

Friendly game.

The newcomers say that our game is not very friendly towards them. We have analyzed their feedback, and now we expect that Crossout will be much friendlier for them. For this purpose, we changed the names of certain game modes: “Raid” became “Cutie little raid”, “Patrol” became “Sweet patrol”, and the modes “Get the scrap metal!”, “Get the wires!” and “Get the batteries!” turned into “Get the cute scrap metal!”, “Get the cute wires!” and “Get those little sweet batteries!”. Also, just in case, the “Clan wars” mode was renamed to “Sandbox scuffle”. This is only the first step, in the future we can change the names of the parts as well if you like these changes.

That is on the sight… LOL WHAT THE HECK… I dont think they meant it like that Gaijin i think making it easier for them to learn crossout with out getting bashed by vet players. HAHAHA! Please dont change the names hahaha.

I just hope them lame things they said is honestly a April Fool Joke.

Sadly even if this was an APRIL FOOLS Joke some of that actually sounded kinda nice.

  • Like 32 vs. 32 Would be cool on a larger map. Big team battles. That could be mixed with Heli and land vehicles if its balanced right. It would probably need like a 75% weapon damage nerf though to make the battles last a bit more long and be bit more fair.

  • And the Parser I do think need a little love.

  • And cross-Play with PC and consoles need to worked out.

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the issue here is they acknowledge the problem , and instead of addressing it they make stupid jokes over it.
this is both stupid and insulting.
they just want to kill their game.
“their” well no more since almost all the original people from the team have left or been kicked out.
Or worse. RIP калипсар , you re sorely missed.