Lone Ranger paints

Why is it the Lone Ranger paints can be had for cheap on the pc ? An on my Xbox if I want it I have to buy it from. A guy for 70,000 coins for both of them 35,000 per purple paint when I can get it off the pc for 500 coins . I think maybe it should be released on the console like it is on the computer so people can buy it considering there are a lot of players from the United States that would like to have it .

The early game wasn’t as sync’d across platforms and that happens to be one of the early paints.

Do they have price corridors on console?

After they broke the market on PC with that stuff, most paints became either obsolete and no longer for sale, or the prices became more reasonable, generally, same with most decor, seems like. You either can’t buy it at all, or it’s not that expensive.

I bought mine when they were still very expensive on PC…and “expensive” sort of meant a different thing back then. This market on PC is wonky AF.

Nope we just happen to be stupid enough the crash the market with every nerf on PC for them to put those measures in.

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Free market corridors. It asks if your sure you want to go outside the “corridor” but doesn’t have a limit.

I would say there are more F2P players on PC farming mats to sell. This by itself leads to significant price depression (too much supply vs demand) as well as market bots on PC that are (most likely) not present on the enclosed eco-systems of Xbox and PS.

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The problem is there is only like 4 sets of the paint on crossout on Xbox because they only give them away during clash of engineers events a not all of them just a couple of them . I could buy the paints for like 60,000 or 70,000 but it shouldn’t be like that . Just like every other bs over priced just like on Xbox right now Odin 60.000 coins building it isn’t any cheaper . Still winds up to 20,000 Thor is 18,000 an ore is at about 1000 for a ten stack .

You can get that paint via participation in their tournaments too:

Packs > American

Are market isn’t right on a lot of things but one thing is for sure u can still make money on it . Buy this scrap that build this sale that . If you’re willing to take ur time you can still make quite a bit of coin on Xbox .

Dirty hamster as far as I can tell this is intended for pc not console correct me if I’m wrong tho the even that you spoke of.

I didn’t mean that exact event they have an entire tournament system up. I didn’t see anything indicating PC only but you’d probably have to ask on their discord server to find out.

I’ve never dug to deep into it other than looking through the rewards.

I dont have to ask on the discord if you read the top line I see where it says pc only once u translate it. ill keep looking but theres a reason why i can only find a couple of those paints on the xbox market.