Long waiting in queue

Sometimes i am over 5 min in queue, weierd,
sometimes 5 sec.

Also if i play alone or in a group… 5sec - up to 5min.

Whats the problem?

Not enough players?

Eu- Server?

thx for answers.


Here is the answer.

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at 8-9k playing with at least one friend my QUe time has never been more then 2 minutes… average 45 seconds…


This game is dead again. This time with a half a dozen events running simultaneously. It’s amazing how far the steam numbers have sunk since the advent of Supercharged 2.0.

IDK if it’s as bad on console as it is on PC (I’m on PC), but it causes all kinds of issues that seem to just translate into “This game sucks, because reasons.” The game becomes condensed BS when it gets like this.

I waited 3 minutes for this simple PVP match, and when I finally got one, some jerk on my team rams me and flips me upside down, then begins to drag me about with his Skinner. I logged out unamused.

Because the matchmaker rigs (“refines?”) all matches for one reason or the other, instead of just giving us the random PVP advertised, when the populations are low like this, the matchmaker struggles to make its ends meet and it causes all sorts of issues. Long queues are just one of them.

This being the case with so many events running, it makes me wonder if they didn’t finally destroy their game. I mean, typically when it would get like this it was because there was no event, and no fancy action to inspire and draw in players, and we would simply wait it out until the next event clocked in.

Right now the game is dolled up and decorated about as pretty and content packed as it has ever been, yet it’s bleeding out players faster than I’ve ever seen.

I know there is some contention about the relevance of Steam numbers, but I’ve never seen them tank as hard as it is, and I’m feeling it.

The corporate apologist seems to be AWOL (thank God), so at least we won’t have to endure his gaslighting about it on top of the game’s current issues.

I do hope it gets better, but what would that take at this point? What else do the developers have to offer in their bag of tricks that would stimulate some player activity?

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On PC as well, I think most of the wait time is probably too many ques running at once. My longest wait time last night was 1.5 minutes for trick or treat. I only did about 3 runs in there though, as my daily allotment of exp was up after doing patrols for dailies and 4 raids. The que times for those were a lot less though.

There’s a ton of small balance issues. Not all of them effect all players in the same ways though simply via individual item and play style choices.

They’ll probably have to fix crafting back up. They have some items required for crafting being offered in one event running in a second event, parts required in crafting from past events not being re-offered so only some players can’t craft them without having existing coin stashes to fix that issue via the market. Some of this could just be use of bad data i.e. not filtering active players and looking at the player inventories saying look how many workpieces are left for a few of the items. I’m not sure how they pick their crafter recipes though. Crafting probably would be the easiest thing for them to fix as they could just release the item to their proper workbenches.

Que times is probably going to be harder as not every player wants to deal with heli’s. Same with balance issues as many people don’t agree on what is balanced.

I’d like to see the crafting system improved, or made more interesting somehow. It seems very connected to the market though, and on PC the market was sabotaged by developers a long time ago, and is now a good bit dysfunctional. Both those things, the market and crafting, maybe need to be re-imagined.

To date, nothing the developers have done to either of those systems has improved them, and has instead made them worse. Crafting now includes pack items often, and the market is as corrupted by scams as it is by the developers attempt to prohibit those scams, and pages of items are wholly unavailable to purchases. Also, there is clearly some insider trading going on (friends and family plan), as certain items tend to magically disappear from the market right as new event updates drop.

Whatever causes that, IDK, but what is clear is that the market on PC is garbage, it drags the game down, and we would all benefit from some improvements there that didn’t break it further, like the last “fix” did.

As central as these two features are to this game (the market and crafting) improving these things would help, probably, but at this point there is a very long list of broken or abandoned features in this game that the developers have ignored for years. This has always been a game of missed, lost, or ignored potential.

I don’t think it will ever be that interesting but just adding in all the items would be an improvement. As they’ve said a number of times that they want to keep everything simple so it kind of makes it prohibitory to really do anything complex with crafting. Even with just talking ideas over with different players they seem to be similarly weary of any concept that might make them cost more which is fairly prohibitive of anyway of changing the existing upgrading system and or adding modification routes.

It’s intrinsically connected to the market as the game itself doesn’t add or subtract items from it with the exception of interceding in some attempts to deal with scam and other outside of TOS sales/purchases.

The closet thing we have on PC to them directly messing with prices is the annoying price corridors but before that went in you could scare crash items prices fairly easily. Though indirectly cheap workpieces/event production that they use to add in use to crash individual items too. Even when they limited them sometimes the items would take upwards of a year to regain their value.

There’s always going to be some conflict over what would work out better as with any F2P game. I remember players for a long while after the initial start of BPs would brag how they could save money by waiting out an event to pick up items when they were simply held back as a way to show them off as early releases. So now they’ve gone from having them as held back as early release, to then workprints, to the current system of neglecting putting them up. Each attempt of keeping a workable sense of restricted monetization has generally worked out fairly poorly for them. At worst some of it degrades the players trust. Using pack items, I can only see it being one of those cases as it makes them look greedy. Stretching the handing out of parts for crafting across 2 simultaneous events, also makes them look greedy though I do think it’s better than raising the price of a single event.

I’m normally not that hard on them because I do understand each developmental push is going to require funding. At the same time I do know there are more transparent ways of doing funding drives.

It would be easy for them to change the recipes for all of an events craftables after they finish with a play testing which they keep saying a is done by a small group of volunteers. Similarly the same could be done with any public testing. If the insider aspect of it doesn’t go any higher up than that, I think it would nip a fair portion of it in the butt. Anything above that really generally comes from usage and enforcement of NDA’s which are fairly common in the industry.

Even things as simple as promo-video release times can have an impact too. The primetime start times for each time zone is different. If primetime from one time zone starts closer to a release, players in that zone will have a market advantage. I have a feeling that they have started including the event recipes themselves mostly to try to correct the leaks from above though.

Some of what was abandoned wasn’t even very broken to start with. The removal of shells from awakening probably didn’t have to happen. The workbench for there could have been altered to deal with a lot of it. I.e. paints and decor could all have been driven via that bench easily.

I can understand why they would want to give up on some of the awakening stuff as doing animation can be fairly tedious and time consuming even though there are otherwise easier ways of introducing things. None of the missions in that mode were any harder to explain then any raid in the game yet they made extra work for themselves trying to be flashy. I still really like that mode but haven’t been going in as much as the badge connection was removed.

Removing coupons I think they could have done without too it could have easily been worked into crafting for paint and decor too.

I could probably go on but it’s hard to pick over everything without going off topic or just going off in too many directions at once. I do think things could be better though and that mistakes probably have been made.

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