Look, an Announcement!

Uranium ore distribution for the recent clan wars season

Hello, survivors!

Due to multiple DDoS attacks on our servers, many players didn’t receive the uranium ore once the clan wars season was over. We’ve thoroughly checked clans positions in the leaderboard and distributed the uranium ore not only to those accounts that should have received it, but also to those clans that were close to taking the prize place.

Thank you all for your reports, patience and understanding!
Crossout team

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So, that’s good, right? IDK, but I’m glad to see some kind of announcement (through a less remote source) in regards to WTF. They sort of just left everybody hanging.

“Something happened , kids. You’ll have to go live with grandma now. Be good.”

I thought it was odd, but I hope this helps. I know how uranium makes people crazy.


WTH: I was all happy and cheerful this morning, then I say this wave… it isn’t right I tell ya…