Looking for an active EU/ENG clan (pref CW)

I’ve been looking to join a clan ever since I’ve gotten back into the game after a 5-6 year break. Been playing actively with a friend for about a month now, and we’re looking to dabble in CW again. Not looking for a super serious clan, just looking to play CW with some people and hoping to get some of that juicy uranium. I’m currently playing at 9.5-13.5k PS. He’s playing at 9.5k-12k.

no, the game isnt crossplay and will probably never be!

Why are you talking about crossplay? I never mentioned crossplay…

Don’t mind muppet,

The best way to get a clan is in game. This forum is not a good place to look.

You can apply to clans in the clan tab.

Yea that’s what I’ve been trying, I think I’ve applied to around 20 clans with no result. Other than that, I’ve occasionally put a “looking for clan” message in the clan recruitment chat, which hasn’t led to anything so far. But I suppose I’ll just keep trying that.

What engineer level are you?

I wouldn’t even bother looking for a clan till you hit engineer level 30.

Many clans want people that are over 30 prestige instead of level.

Aha, that might be the issue then. Currently I’m prestige 12.

You should be able to find something at this level.

The bigger question is “Do you have a meta Clan Build?”

Clans want people that have a build that works for CWs

you could also start your own?

If by meta you mean a flying junkyard (spaced armor on hovers) with well hidden/protected weapons (destructors), then yes. In terms of weapons, I don’t really know what’s meta at the moment, aside from relic weapons that I don’t have and probably will not own for a while. I do have enough coin and/or storage value to get most builds going though, as long as it’s not relics. And yea, if necessary, I’ll start my own clan I suppose, but that’s last resort for me.

I’m sure you can find something.

But not having relics or even a high end legendary build will stop a lot of clan for even looking at you.

It’s one of the main problems of CWs.

You need to be in a clan to afford relics, but no one wants you in clan unless you already have them.

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Yup, pretty much like real life job hunting… it’s kinda annoying but I’ll just keep looking. Thanks for the info!

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because you dont mention which platform youre playing on.

so either you just failed at applying for any clan on a fundamental level or you assumed the game is crossplayable between all platforms. now that i think of it though, you couldve also assumed this is the pc forum, in which case, bless your heart, kindred spirit.

people asking for help on the internet not putting in the “work” on their end are annoying. so i was hoping youd get it and better your ways. i acklowedge that you put some effort into it, just not quite enough.

still dont know your platform, because monkey isnt thinking much either. ktm is a pc clan that sometimes advertises here, been a while though. for pc id say, hit up clan people in game and ask to get in their discords. i think the pc cw scene still mostly lives on discord.

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I was wondering what platform myself.