Looking for suggestions for the last 250 or so lighters for the bp

Trying to figure out what would be best to use the last batch of lighters for… Having trouble deciding, what would you guys pick and why? Already have the harpy, and 2 quasars, have arbs so mg13 is out… So it’s a shortened list.

Humpback, photon, incinerator, fatman, whirlwind…

A +mass Humpback is a staple among heavy builds. Worth having if you dont have one already

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I do not have one yet though I’ve had multiple humpbacks over the years…

humpback and photon: meh.
incinerator: cant go wrong with an incinerator. if you got 2 with the same perks then its really good.
fatman: 2 of these with reload, hadron, flywheel and a king and holy crap youll be firing so fast youll wish you had more ammo!
whirlwind: if you have a cyclone or joule then its not needed i suppose.

I got legs. The rest will go toward Quasar’s for me. Hoping I can get a set, but it looks like I am only going to get one. (I am way to lazy to do the math and then log in every single day for the daily tiny quests.

All legs for me. Want to get enough that I can try some heavy builds.

I already did 6x upgraded legs and 2x normals… I did more but I used them for an extra motor already… Just seems like a waste to use the last batch just on more leg at this point. lol

I did them a number of upgrade events ago. I get a kick out of using them with hardron. Eats a lot of ammo if you get a good long distance position to shoot from.

I do have 2x cyclones already. I kind of left whirlwind on the list though as it was an old favorite. The one unfused whirlwind I have already mostly just collects dust.

I just don’t have them yet, though I’ve had them before. I was leaning a little more towards photon as I have a set of claws and some electric weaps already. I’ve always been kind of meh with them too.

They’ve been on my todo list for a long time though I’m not really sure what to do with just 1, though fire puddles are kind of the universal helper.

This is probably the one I’m least sure of as I’ve made them before but sold them each time because of how much projectile drop they have. I just don’t have any turret cannons upgraded yet so I left it up as a might be nice. How much does the projectile speed help on these? I know with the limited angle cannons it makes them fairly accurate but they have less drop to start with.

I’ve got a set of six Gerrida, and I’d like a pair of Charybdis to go with it. That means I need one more fused Charybdis, and I’m way behind on my BP. I’m not sure I’ll make it.

thats because you hate the game and don’t play… :crazy_face: :kissing_heart:

mine doesnt have projectile speed but going by how the mammoth fires with the projectile speed upgrade i think its pretty good. its very noticable on the mammoth when you compare it to the mastodon as well.

fatmans are good when you have alot of reload on them. when combined with hadron, king and flywheel its a hell of a cannon. it fires VERY fast. and if you hit your targets constantly its near instant cannon fire from the instant reload.

get 2 of them. i have 2 incinerators myself one fused for projectile speed, fire puddle damage and durability. the other is ammo reserves, fire puddle damage and resistance to all damage. they are better as a pair but can be helpful even on its own.

i have the humpback and i used to have a photon but i sold mine when it went up in price alot before. my humpbacks fused so no selling it. its not bad but i never use it.

i have alot of weapons collecting dust lol. i have 1 cyclone myself. i dont have whirlwinds but i did own them before. they are kind of awkward to use though because of their size.

quasars are useless imo. you have to be so incredibly precise with the shot and it can miss quite easily and its easy for others to avoid. its a very hard weapon to shot lead. i have easier times shot leading with my mammoth and mastodon then i do a quasar. i might just be bad with it but i cant hit the broadside of a barn door with a quasar.

though im wondering why people are getting so many legs. i just go with the 4 i got from the pass. they are good enough for me.

My suggestion is the photon, reason: the humpback whale is a good cabin, it’s versatile but doesn’t use hovering, meaning any kind of upgrade is good for it, at a later date if you want to use it you can use three to upgrade it so you won’t spend too much to be happy with the result, whereas the photon, the photon is an exclusive cabin for the laser weapons, whereas usually they are used as hovering, power is necessary for them, and if someday you want to use the laser weapons to play CW, then you might have to spend a huge amount of money to get the power photon
As for weapons, I don’t think you have a strong favourite or you wouldn’t be asking here

That pretty much sums the situation up… I’ve had all of them before some a few times just didn’t get into them or otherwise sold them off when the price was right.

I think players are just expecting that they’ll just be harder to get and fuse later with how the game has been handling the re-releases so far.

Kind of trying to avoid doing more of that atm lol. There’s been a lot of BPs where I make a set of something and then the parts just sit there. Even my arbs have just been sitting around as I’ve been using millers a lot lately.

I always found their turn speed to be more of the issue with them than their size. I get slow turn speed works for long distance better but much of the time matches generally end up defending against close quarter brawlers.

I mostly use mine in patrol as the bots don’t think about dodging. I just try to find a far spot off to the side somewhere and keep firing while they are busy dealing with everyone else. They are fairly easy to miss with though just from the slower projectile speed. They can fire accurately across an entire map though which can be some what amusing.

I’m kind of leaning towards either the fatman or the photon, I have a carapace I could toss the fatman on already to get some use out of it as a single. It’s a hard choice since it’s not really stuff that I need.

The -Mass +Mass Humpback is fantastic and a staple of spider builds. Use with 10 Gerrida legs.

I would get that. The Incinerator is also a great fusion.

Also, why not get an extra Gerrida leg?

Mostly because I already have 8 of them.

Ya, I’ve found it pretty frustrating lately. I certainly have no love for this clan war update, and I’ve been taking something of an informal break (didn’t uninstall), but “hate” is maybe a strong word.

I am glad they backed off the badge nerf, and made it so I can ignore the clan stuff again. I like it better as an optional feature.

I did log on last night and had an actual session, and today I put together a Kronos/Thyrsus Spider build just to put some traffic on that “Legendary Builds” thread, and to my surprise, I kinda like it. I plan on taking it for a spin this evening and tinkering with it a little around the edges.

Maybe, I’ll look at those Atoms again and see if I can come up with anything there. I’ve got some other new crap I bought when I was cleaning up my inventory for my sabbatical too (sold old schit, bought new schit, closed shop), and I haven’t really dug into any of it yet.

However, if I want to get caught up, I’ll probably have to build one of my multitasker builds (Cannon/MG/AC combo) and hit Patrols pretty steady to get there. I’d like that other Charybdis. I hate having just one. If I can’t get a matching pair, I’ll be disturbed.

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I play with one fused for projectile speed and one without (both fused for puddle size) This gives me a spread of puddles instead of double stacking on the same spot when firing both at the same time. More fire = more red. (yes they should be on separate triggers)

incinerators btw


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I have 14 Gerridas. 7 BP fused and 7 unfused. I’m trying to make a good Gerrida levi with them but it hasn’t been working out so far. I will probably get 2 more and then either keep the rest or sell them at exorbitant prices later.

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I try to keep things down to use-able amounts. Otherwise I end up sitting on stuff to too long, if I was heavier in coin it probably wouldn’t bother me.

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LOL. I thought I was being greedy at 8.

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