Looking for thoughts on tactics vs rams

When fighting a ram, assuming you survive it’s initial attack, what is the best way to disable it before it gets away. Do you try to take out wheels, rockets, or cab?

For purposes of the discussion assume the ram is a “tusk” of about 5500PS, but thoughts on other cabs or PS ranges also welcome.

A steer wheel if I can. Most of those builds are a little nose heavy & taking a front wheel cripples them usually.

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Wheels or cab.

Usually tusks go around on 4 Bigfoots which is really dumdum because a singlewheel popped and your mobility is fucked. Cab is also a valid choice because Tusk does deal ram damage to itself, so a Tusk with 300 dura isn’t going to be ramming anyone without exploding.


The Ram Rider is a temporary troop that was available from December 12, 2022 through December 29, 2022. Her Special Ability “CHAARRRGEE!” allows her to completely destroy any Walls in her path on route to her first target.

Get the tusk ram to kill themselves, they usually do when they mess up a ram and your whole team is shooting at them because they impaled a wall.
Otherwise don’t be the first target of a ram and place yourself around corners from approaches. When a game first starts, just chill and watch ur minimap; think about the reds you see, or which blues are the easiest targets.
If you find yourself getting focused too much you have to just chill out and don’t stand out on a would be dog/picks fullscreen map, they can tell who is who purely off vehicle arrow movement. They can tell who has hovers/omnis apart from who has legs/augers. They can tell who is a dog, or who is the heather. Chill near your bots without strafing or reversing at high speed (map arrows will reveal who you are to anybody who checks their map) and let the tusk ram make the first move.

Read your map. That is your best countermeasure against builds that hard counter you. Let them make the first mistake.

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While I don’t often use them, oculus or verifier can help a lot.

Badger gave a lot of good advice.

When I’m playing melee, I’m looking for enemies who are on their own. Stay in a group and I’m less likely to attack. But if you’re facing a squad of melee players that may not be enough.

I seen several say to take out the steering wheels but, with boosters, a player can still steer. Those boosters are what I would aim for, specially if they’re clustered together because it makes for a devastating explosion. I seen tusks fly half way across the map after their boosters explode.