Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Day to Stop Sniffing Glue

I got a “Baby, Come Back” email from Gaijin, and so I gave it a whirl…ya…Oh well. I like the new Meat Can freebie, posted on the Promo thread! That’ll make Rex happy.

Anyway…Happy whatever. Hang in there, kids…wherever you are.


Hi, welcome back :slight_smile:

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Welcome back Doc!

Were you able to get the game working under a pre-windows 10 operating system or did you upgrade? It took me two solid weeks to upgrade and make a hundred tweaks to windows 10 before the game was playable. I’d almost given up.

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Looks like I’m just circling the drain, to be honest.

SHORT ANSWER: I’m taking it one day at a time, and not taking this game seriously enough to set up a duel boot system with Windows 10 yet.


(Gratuitous art build jpg to ease the suffering of the incoming long winded content…Happy whatever)

Is it worth the effort to set up a duel boot system with Windows 10 on it, just for Crossout? IDK, but I did salvage an old computer and cannibalized its hard drive for that purpose. So, I’m ready for the hassle whenever that might happen…sort of. I got prepared(ish).

I don’t actually know what it will functionally mean to me, or this game, for EasyAntiCheat to require Windows 10. Does that mean the game will still function, but the Panda will just make annoying protests every time I log on? Will they just discontinue their “service”? Will it actually prevent me from playing? IDK, and when will that actually happen? I just don’t know, and the developers appear completely unconcerned, and haven’t even publicly addressed the issue at all. I expected it to have already happened, frankly, and that’s why I decided to just FO…but it’s still here, up and running, and they offered me some free goodies to come back and play…which they reneged on apparently…sort of.

They offered me an “elite mini pass,” which I was initially earning rewards from, but then it stopped putting out achievement rewards right around midnight, and I’m not sure if it has to do with their incredibly tone deaf April fools gag that updated the rewards system and made that universally wonky, or the fact that I probably shouldn’t have been receiving the rewards it in the first place, since it’s not exactly identified as the same pass that was mentioned in their email.

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I’m not totally sure I’m in the mood to tolerate their BS. It feels like an abusive relationship sometimes. I like games, but not those kinds of games, and I like Crossout, but gawd it’s a wonky mess, full of strife…if one takes it too seriously.

Will I take it seriously enough to set up a duel boot system? IDK. Will I have to, in order to continue playing , and at what point? IDK. How mad am I about the way they did me on their “free pass” bribe? Not very, but only because I’m sort of used to their BS and the terms don’t seem very clear at the moment.

Their Steam numbers are worse than I’ve ever seen (almost dipping below a thousand players at times), and I wonder if all this Windows 10 duel booting set up is worth it, just to catch the tail end of a rapidly degenerating game. I could feasibly screw up my computer, and loose access to a variety of expensive programs I think are way more important than this video game by introducing the extremely intrusive Windows 10 to it, and all for a game that looks like it’s on its deathbed and might just die immediately after I make those possibly unnecessary accommodations. That would be my luck.

Anyway, I’m ready to play, needed a break, I’ve always liked the premise of this game, and thanks for the “welcome back,” ya’ll…but this April Fools thing sucks, and sort of stole my thunder (“Mad Thunder?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I wish that wasn’t a thing. My timing is awful.

(Finally, one last gratuitous Art build jpg to ease the suffering of having read all that crap, or even skimming through it)

The End.