Lore seems interesting but, distant?

It seems aot of lore has been added in the years ive been gone. I like lore but, im not seeing how its actually applied to the game?

In fact, i only stumble across it if theres a FB post with a link or something, and if it is in game, its just an endless description of a faction or something.

Is their something to this lore? It seems like a separate thing from the game. The “awakening” campaign didnt seem to have much either. Like i said, i think its great to have lore, but there is no involvement except for reading something to waste time while taking a dump.

Like that stupid “Floyds Hideout” thats always on the map. Nothing points to it or even gives it a backstory from the game menu. When i started playing again, i was excited thinking it was going to be like a wide spread challenge or something, boss fights, idk, something.

The intro video for the “Hyperborea” was cool…but that was it. Nothing else stemming from it.

This has been part of the lore since awakening was a thing. Foxy has been searching for this man for years, (after he stole the Ravager mainframe and disappeared) giving survivors parts with the minipasses, trying to prepare them for the coming fight. Now, she’s narrowing it down, getting us ready. And she asks for our help.


You are absolutely right.

These developers have an awesome idea in their hands and appart from constantly breaking the balance of the game and releasing a cool weapon here and there, they do nothing with it.

How much better would the game be if instead of this useless “adventure” mode we had faction random battles where you could take sides with a faction fighting besides them, and instead of these random bots we had themed ones with one for the faction leader included in the form of a mini levi?

Escort, king of the hill, imagine the modes you could have included, all integrated within a system of faction points with special rewards depending on the winning faction at the end of the week, and this could very well be a nice opportunity to get a few URANIUM outside of clan wars.

Or hell, even adventure mode could be a true wasteland filled with actually threatening thematic mini levies and bots, divided areas awaiting to get captured at constant huge battlefield that players could take side and get special rewards.

Better ideas than anything devs have done in the past 7 years and a way to connect people to the lore and factions.

The community has awesome ideas for the game expressed every now and then in threads, but there is no point knocking a deaf mans door.

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