Lots of new challenges! - 25 with images!

I’m not sure if everyone can see all The same challenges? And also for the people not in a and or clan.

But we got 25 challenges today!

I personally never really did the old ones useless they unlocked by mistake.

Now I am going to earn WAY more badges then I did before.


It should only take a day or two to complete most of this.

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Do you see all the same stuff in your clan tab?

I played about 2.5 hours of CW this morning and got 400 is badges. I’m wondering whether my badges through ordinary play will match or exceed the 1700 badges I usually get in a week of play.

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This is only a benefit to fully active clans, I made more badges spamming all the raids. Which I won’t be doing anymore.


Before I uninstalled, I had one challenge in the clan challenges.

To do any of what you’re looking at, even if it was offered, if have to join or build a clan, then how those players were active.

You’re progressing because you’re in an active clan.

The rest of us just lost our challenges.

Good for clanners.

F. U. to the rest of us.


Aladdin? Is that you.

Sad to see you go man.
Your one of my favorite people here.

But don’t be “one of those guys” you talked smack to for all these years and linger on a game forum you don’t even play.

im loving all of this! the hipocrisy regarding your many posts berating whiners, complainers and quitters just like yourself.

also the overly dramatic uninstalling video of a 10gb game, as if anyone cared, ha-larious!

please, hang around the forum though!

Well, be fair, now. I unistalled it 24 hours ago.
I’m hoping it gets fixed, and am checking here, 1st.

If it doesn’t get fixed or I don’t change my mind, no worries. I won’t be hanging around the forum like some of those weirdos who clearly have zero life and/or a clear mental illness.

I didn’t have those 25 challenges, so maybe there is something broken… we’ll see.

There was something broken. They fixed it today.

People couldn’t even wait a day.

Yeah, by people, let me clarify… me. Even seeing the fix, I’m not interested.

yet… maybe I’ll get so bored I’ll re-install the game.


I have a busy week ahead, though so…

I did just check the Reddit, and oh my God… If you think the comments here are nasty… :rofl:

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It’s only a few guys posting memes and then a bunch of confused people trying to get answers and even posting more confusing nonsense they know nothing about, and the memes confuse them more because those dudes don’t know how it works.

If people think a few Reddit posts with single and two digit reply’s are bad, then they have never seen bad.

That is not even a small Reddit tantrum. Because most people are still just playing.

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Reddit is lame. There are 3-4 guys who derail every conversation who make multiple low energy posts and who complain about everything. There is a couple guys who hijack every thread to talk about how Goliath tracks need to be buffed. No one seems to be in charge there to corral bad behavior. Very rarely do I log onto Reddit and find something interesting to read from the community.


it took me a few min to realize it is a few dudes going nuts. Might even be some alts in their.

If anyone thinks that is a Reddit war, they have never seen a real one.

We had a hundred times more complaints when they nerfed hovers. The forum exploded.

We have a few posts. That’s it.

When hovers get nerfed we have pages and pages and posts. And tons of new forum accounts and random dudes ranting.

We don’t have that now :slight_smile: and we never will.

Except you need a special rating to unlock all the challenges which is absolutely ridiculous now it’s way harder to get engineer badges


Which is super easy to do with a few guys. We unlocked the legendary tier very fast.

And it is a safe league, so you can’t go backwards.


You do understand the vast majority of us are probably weeks or months away from building a clan like you have, right?

This is barely a speed bump for you, but nerfs the game for the rest of us.

At least acknowledge you see that.


Yes I do.

I also know that when the challenges first hit we only had a few guys online and they did a ton of work in a few hours.

And like I said I don’t even talk to them in voice - but I can see who is getting points in the list.

We already have WAaaaaaaay enough points.
It might take a smaller group a little longer. But it does not feel to me like it would be hard at all for a “band” to do if they where at least a little active.

If a band can’t then I think people have a valid complaint for minor adjustment to the system.
But let’s see first before we cry wolf (oops, to late)

I “cried wolf” because the only challenge I had was something like do 15million damage or something like that. I now understand that was a glitch.

Even so… we’ll see. I’ll probably log in this weekend to see what I can accomplish. I did set my clan to open, so maybe I’ll have a few members by then.

The “how often do you play” thread made it very clear to me most of the folks on the forum play this game - and all games way more than I do.

I hope I’m wrong, but it looks like XO just became a game that is pointless for someone who plays as little as I do. I thought I played a lot. Maybe I’m the anomaly here. :man_shrugging:

But, you see how this change deleted my chances of getting any badges this week. I have zero chance unless I quit work, stop being a dad & husband, and dedicate many hours to building a clan etc etc… Dude, I’m just not that interested in that kind of “play.”

I’m guessing here, but it looks like if I actively promote my own clan or join an active one, maybe I can get back into the weekly badge race in time. Even then, it’s not MY accomplishment. Whatever…

I think we understand each other. That’s why I appreciate you on this forum.

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