Lots of new forum members, or lots of alt accounts?

Anyone else notice that at least some of the new people posting their rage at the update seem to have very similar vocabularies and spelling mistakes?
Is someone spamming the forum with alt accounts again?


probably not, gamers believe it or not, just don’t care about making spelling mistakes half the time, I know I sure don’t, not like I’m taking an exam here or anything, allot of people are just annoyed at the update and some more then others, and right to be annoyed, the game changed allot of “default settings” and these default settings annoy people because they think that, they can’t go into a settings menu and change these settings back to the way it was before
theirs allot of “my screen too blurry” and then me coming along and telling them “turn off the motion blur setting” etc

the only real things to complain about right now are like, camera is too low can’t see what I’m shooting at, or, smoke effects make it hard to see what i’m shooting at etc

everything else can just be reverted back to the way it was before, if you take like 20 minutes out of your day and rebuild your hovers, even sideways ones, they can work just fine, hell to my the hovers got buffed, the go faster and carry more weight for the downside of “if your hover is unstable it will be more unstable” 90% of the old hover builds are way too unstable to use anymore because 90% of the old hovers were not designed to be played with these new physics, that fact does not mean you cant build a hover that works etc

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Most of us hate big changes, developers could have made it more progressive

There is a large number of people who don’t play who’ve suddenly re-appeared just to claim they are quitting.

It’s been an interesting patch week so far.


I was thinking maybe reddit users were starting to make fun of them, so they came here to pick on the locals. I don’t think the locals are buying it much. I’m not.

I doubt this is a good place to get the developers attention either. Besides, mostly they are just screeching at us regulars and calling us names for some reason. It’s not my fault. If they want the developers attention they should go back to reddit, probably. I heard the developers don’t pay any attention to what we say here. They don’t even post announcements here. I don’t think anybody here has heard from a developer since this forum was created. It’s basically just me and a dozen other people. Raising Cain here is probably futile. Maybe, RoughMonkey will go sort it out for them? IDK. I’m not going to.

I can’t wait for it to be over. It’s like a really bad adventure in babysitting, but whatever. I’m actually having too much fun to be very concerned.

I like this update, and I’m enjoying my new hovers so much that I forgot I got a Catalina cab too. So, now I need to go back in and enjoy this update some more.

If you guys need me to pick up some diapers on the way back, I can.


This forum compare to reddit is like nothing, Im glad that some reddit users started this forum as well.
Also everytime I see ppl complaining about something in our ingame chat Im telling them to go to reddit and crossout official forum bc there’re places where devs sitting , if they complain only on ingame chat devs dont see it.
I dont think any of these new accs are alt accs, ppl just get pissed and come here to speak.
Tbh , I wish to have more playstation players here, then the real voice would be heard.

I’m not.
I don’t have any problems with the new mechanics, my build not only survived this update but still does what always done. it can drag a lot of things, i’m not having motion blur, the camera doesn’t bother me (i put it as before), i didn’t noticed any difference in the way i control my build .
I’m having problems with my gremlins they don’t work properly when i’m dragging someone.
But my major grip with this update it is with graphics.
the all thing looks worst. it’s like a C.O.D. and B.I.A comparison.
the sound effects are rubbish
With the burning wrecks and all the smoke, i can’t see who’s burning, me or the other guy, i can’t see where i’m going, i can’t aim my build properly to the next build to drag him.
Many times i’m still shooting at a burning wreck.
Yesterday in a raid i noticed that after i destroyed the final boss, on the battlefield he was a burning wreck but on the minimap it’s yellow market was still there, so i keep on shooting against the wreck and yeah… it still was a dead horse.

I will make a triple avenger with echo cabin, flywheel and BFs and try to make it work like a SG build, Icebox cabin buffs limited angle weapons but also will buff fixed angle weapons?

I actually like that part. It seems more realistic to me. I like the chaos, I guess, and I figure the enemy has the same visibility issues. The difference is, it’s working for me. I like the cover, and the smoke. Heck, I think some of us even asked for more interactive maps, specifically with smoke or fog that reduced visibility, or a smoke grenade weapon, just for this purpose. I think what they did works better.

I’m not crazy about the notifications splashing across my screen. I think that could be toned down a bit. I suppose there will be issues, like you mentioned about the Gremlins. I think I’ve met a few issues myself, but I expect they will get patched sooner than later, and until then I can play around the minor issues I’ve seen. I don’t think they are done tweaking things. They never are, and I think it’s likely that this update will allow them to do cooler things in the future.

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The in game population has seemed to be increasing lately, it just doesn’t show on the clanwars activity yet, most of them just aren’t there yet methinks.


Yeah, I’ve noticed a lot fewer bots in my PVP matches since the update, and very short queue times.
Makes me think that the majority of players are putting in the work to learn and adjust to the new changes, despite what the new forum warriors are saying.
It’s been a great week in the wasteland for me!

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That’s just people in general nowadays!

So like on basically every update haha

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