Lots of people started to go afk in raids to complete weekly challenges freely @hornoche

i cannot upload more than 1 screenschot

This is just an example player who goes self destructing immediately after getting in a raid. Also they never believe that they are going to get punished for this. @hornoche

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Report them for AFK and give a brief description within it.

Or don’t pay attention and score all the resources.

Or both.

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In a lot of cases, it’s probably a disconnect issue. I don’t think you get anything from raids if you score no points.

I’ve seen this a few times… had to jump from a raid a time or 2 due to this… since it was a medium raid and no way for only 2 players to win… this isn’t too much of an issue in low raids…in medium to hard its a raid breaker…which sucks

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I sometimes have to abandon raids and missions when my car just sits there rubberbanding. I have no control of the car, so there’s nothing else I can do. I’ll put a message in chat about what’s happening, but usually the chat disconnects on me first…

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you play in raids retchers and you get the points not the others. its right that he destroy. gas to win in crossout is fucking the last 4 weeks! and everyone will the ressi but when a retcher get all points is this kidding for all3 other player!

uhhhhh what? i have 2 manned many medium raids and its is definitely NOT that difficult. the only way i see it being difficult is you running rares on a crappy cabin wearing the minimum amount of armor to get in. i run through these raids just fine, i can do my double retcher build, 3 arbiters and equalizer, 2 arbiters and a reaper, or even my 2 porc 2 arbiter build and i do just fine. how on earth can it be to difficult for you? hell if you need help with it i can help and team up with you.

i use retchers in raids but very rarely, the ones i make acceptions for is dawns children in hard raids due to the difficulty and the absolutely ridiculous penetration power of their scorpions. one shot goes through my entire build, 2 shots and im dead. literally it pierces through all my armor and just takes out by cabin no matter how much armor i have, it needs to be fixed cause thats plain unfair.
i usually run 2 arbiters and 2 porcs though.

I’ve been seeing this behavior a lot recently. The leeches will shoot a couple bots and then self destruct. At the end of the raid, they have 40ish points and get credit for the win.

that or they rush in and activate a ton of enemies then explode or get themselves killed twice rushing then never revive. i come across a few of those…

I can solo a medium raid.

I literally have nothign even close to the list you gave… been playign for a while but just recently came back to game… got 1 retcher I think…