Lousy schedule

There should be more weekly challenges!

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yes…and Clans should have daily and weekly challenges for some type of benefits for being in a clan.

i think there needs to be more variety in terms of completing missions. for me id prefer if there were more missions that contribute to your weekly cap of scrap. such as “deal 100,000 damage using cannons” and itll award you with 100 scrap. maybe getting special missions thatll pop up rarely as you complete dailys like “deal 1,000,000 damage over the course of a week” for a reward of lets say 500 wires or 250 batteries. itll give more variety and not force us to keep doing pvp or use badges all the time. i like saving my badges for things i really want.

And they extend the Season one week but add no more Challenges. So what use is the additional week to me? NONE!

Ok, 7 extra days did raise the maximum free to play level from 114 to 117, so that was a little something.
60 extra gold if you buy the BP.
When they said no Additional Challenges, I believed that included the Daily Seasonal Challenges.