Low ps CW. What ppl think?

Hello everyone, im playing crossout for few years already. Right now i play CW most of time, but when i have more time to play i really enjoy to play low ps builds (4000-9000). Well i just want to know what you think about CW with limited PS, will you play this?
Right now i feel at endgame that its a lot of weapons and cars on game but at least i only using the same builds all time i mean “meta builds” to play CW and be usefull for team.
Maybe low ps CW can be fresh gamemode and can motivate new players to start on “competitive modes” earlyer at same time that old players can use his low score weapons. I imagine this mode like 5vs5 or 6vs6 where you fight at 6000-8000 PS and maybe earn depleted uranium that you can exchange for uranium like 5 depleted uranium = 1 uranium.
I know its only my wish that this mode can exist but i wana know if more ppl think this can be a good gamemode for the game or its terrible idea.

Have a good day.
P.S: Sorry for my english, im not english user i do what i can :smiley:


I think it would be limited. The US time slot on Saturday night there was 5 teams playing on PC - so if you want 1 or 2 to do low PS, there would be no games.

I am not against it but i don’t think the numbers add up sorry.

I’ve suggested putting in PS brackets similar to weight classes in boxing and a number of other sports ( boxing - Weight divisions | Britannica ) under the frame works of leagues a few times. Some people like the idea some people don’t. I think it would help with is players trying to escape meta builds that they find as unfair or are otherwise unable to build up to. I.e they can swap to a different PS class division and not have to deal with those builds. Much like NZChazman said I’m not sure if we have the player pools to support a lot of them but I do still think it would interesting and increase the diversity that can enter. It might be something to push harder to try when they eventually get to the idea of crossplay if they ever get around to it.


Something similar has been tried when we got the arena mode around spring, 9k ps cap 3 man arena.

One of the worst and most frustrating experiences i have had in XO.

I understand why low ps people often request this, they think that they will get a mode “of their own”.

Well, guess what what happened in arena, most of the big clans participated with fully fused broken low ps builds.

Now imagine what would happen if you involved any form of Uranium in this.

I tried to participate with some fun yet competitive builds, but when i climbed a little and faced the hordes of horny low ps meta abusers, i went to silver to get the most efficient time-efford wise reward and never looked back on the mode for the rest of its active time.

To cut things short, there have been a couple actually fun and relaxing modes like dronapocalypse which yes, i would make permanent if it was up to me, not another mini Clan Wars.

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I think that they need to run a new version of the Arena event 9k 4 man teams ever week.

Payout at the end of the week in our.


been trying for 2 years now to get the in-game PC community to start lowing their PS in CW so the rest of the gamers can try it out. The PC CW community is very hard on the idea, very resistant to it. I don’t know why.

Low PS clan wars with depleted uranium that can be used to get regular uranium at a Very slow trickle? I think it’s a fantastic idea. I also think that it wouldn’t decrease the PC CW population by much at all. People who never had a chance and therefore never play CW can dip their toes in the competitive waters and have a chance using Epics. Win 10 games, get 2 or 3 uranium? That’s slow enough that it wouldn’t completely destroy uranium prices, while giving F2P players a chance to own relics without having to play 3 years non-stop.



IMO rather than a separate mode, it’s just a matter of making CW more attractive for players who don’t have 200k inventory value. More players = more points to make for relic owners = they get thrown higher in the leagues and the entry level goes down.

Increase CW scrap gains by a couple points, and add rewards for winning in Rust and Tin. Even if it’s just 5/20 copper.

I don’t think it’s in their interest tho or they’d have done it already. Probably thinking the frustration drives some sales or whatever.


I like the idea, however I think there should be restrictions in place to prevent it from being a Sealclubbing, Meta fest that is swarming with Hovers, Melee, and Wedges.

If executed well, it would be a fun mode for newer players. More experienced players might also get a breath of fresh air from the stagnant meta.

Any version of CWs will end up a meta fest no mater how many restrictions you add.

This should be a low PS taste of what real clan wars is like, and not a limited item version.


You’re right about the Meta always existing. However, the initial restrictions might be a fun reset as people try to find out what works and what doesn’t, rather than everyone initially flocking to the tried and true.

What if the restrictions made the mode more fun? What if they allowed players to try out new toys and have fun with them without being severely punished because the Meta is broken OP? What if it becomes a lesson so regular CW becomes more fun?

From my point of view: CW is a frustrating rat race that is dying because people don’t think it’s worth it anymore.

The PS restrictions of 9k would make it a different meta.

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The meta of any CW mode will always be OP and broken. That is how CW players are.

You can say “no items higher then epic” and the game mode would still refine to the most OP epic builds.

In any competitive Mode in XO, your going to end up with a few builds people play.

How can you get around that?

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You’re right. It’s the nature of the game. Nerf one meta, another will take its place.

I could try to outright ban items like hovers, but then everyone will just flock to the next best thing like Omni Wheels and Bigrams.

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This is why PS restrictions are all you need. Evil metas will pop up anyways.

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My clanmate said it best: “Any competitive mode in any game where the best combination of 4, is 4 of the exact same thing, is broken.”

There are better combinations than just 4 hover Punis at top end CW atm, but it’s too easy to just go with that and beat up anything that’s not a specifically-geared-to-beat-just-4-hover-punis.

To your point of what do you do? Make a maximum number of weapon classes that can be had on a team. I say start with 2 per 4 man team. Meaning if two players have even one MG on their build, it locks the other two from using MG builds.

Example: Error Code 1337: Too many players have insert weapon type_ selected. Please remove builds until only 2 per team are selected.

Then it would at least be 2 different builds per team. Sure, they’d just be the best two META builds anyways, but you wouldn’t be able to just spam 4 Punishers at least and then an evolution of what combos work best would evolve organically.

Low PS CW…Drone Wars…bring it…

I think they should just ban the item with the highest winrate every week. Would be fun, and give us a clear way to tell “X is too strong it’s banned every other week”

… i like this idea…