Let’s discuss the new “rocket” weapon (basically just a legendary Thresher)

So, it’s a legendary Thresher. That alone might already tell people everything wrong with it, but it’s yet another weapon showcasing just how ineffective explosive weaponry is in general. When explosive effect is added to stuff, like AC, they’re amazing, but things like most rockets and grenade launchers that rely mostly on the explosions themselves are generally just lackluster and always fail at dealing damage for the most part.

I don’t know if it’s because the explosion effect itself is wonky, or if they just gave everything explosion resistance and way too much of it, but in general it feels like explosions do not penetrate into a build at all, like the explosion does not really happen.

It’s got better accuracy and range than the thresher though, but honestly threshers seem to do more damage than this thing in general, which already is not a good sign. So yeah, unless they plan to Narwhal this gun, we’ve got another Gungnir/Vulture on our hands

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Far too expensive for my reserves.

It feels like in general devs treat explosion more as an extra effect, like heating, so when there’s a weapon that’s main thing is just an explosion it usually sucks. Kind of like how heating is mostly an added effect and a weapon like trombone by itself isn’t gonna be dealing much damage at all, feels like explosions in general are getting the same kind of treatment where explosions are slapped on various weapons as an extra effect, like Millers and most autocannons, but then weapon that have nothing else but the explosion things just don’t work out, excluding just a few options like retchers for example

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