M&k on console

In the clip is a plantation player using a mouse to navigate his setting menu. Turn the sound up and you can hear the mouse clicks. Also how fast his cursor moves. Controllers don’t do that.

You can cheat with MnK if you know how, but their movement and menu navigating looked like controller to me. The way their aim flicks when the aim assist isn’t on. Their spam “clicking” when firing I’m pretty is due to PlayStation bumpers, I spam my rockets too but Xbox triggers just don’t make much noise.

Player seems legit to me and I’ve seen a lot of MnK cheats on Console.

PlayStation controllers don’t click like a mouse my dude. You can hear the mouse clicks when making selections in his menu screen.

No, those selections are the in-game selection noises when you change something in settings. It’s there when you load into the game from the main menu, tab the garage menu and and even when you press Triangle on market items.

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Honestly with the background noise you could hear, a mouse and keyboard would be impossible to hide, you’d hear it so loud.

Cursor movement looks normal controller style. Turn off v-sync to make it move faster, at least on old ps4.

Even if he was using a mouse: mouse = right stick, i.e. camera or model movement, not cursor.