Maandrake question

so… ive always wondered, how is the damage of the mandrake calculated? because theres many factors at play here.
bullet / shell damage
explosion damage
flame damage
the mandrake is a POWERFUL mortar cannon, but to use it you need to sacrifice alot. but when you get a direct hit, man its satisfying seeing those big numbers. but ive always wondered how the damage from it is calculated.

bullet / shell damage has always been the scariest part of the mandrake, when you could use sideways mandrake builds the bullets alone could do 3000+ damage. then again are they really bullets?
explosion damage is quite large, but again, its a mortar. its bound to have a massive explosion.
fire damage is insanely strong on the mandrake, if its boosted by the blight its really powerful.

still though, i tried using the mandrake to get some readings on its damage on the damage calculator in the garage but… the mandrake doesnt seem to work on it all that well. the most i got was 40 and 256… LOL tell that to the ai i just 1 shotted xD

Not sure, But few weapons seem to have this problem with the ball. Use your Levi as a target. After few volley’s with direct hits should give you a good range of direct hits…then do a couple near miss’s