Machine Guns BUFF / NEW WEAPON


I strongly recommend that you increase the rate of fire of the Spectre, the Aspect and the Punisher to 9 shots per second, with a wait of around 0.111 seconds between each shot [precisely 9 (the computers like this value] but reduce their damage to 9, 10 and 10. Trust me, the community will love this update.
(You absolutely have to do this!)

(otherwise you can also make a HEAVY Machine Gun with 6 barrels with a big recoil on the user.
7/8 energy consumption

11/13 damage per shot

[a rate of fire as close as possible to 9 shots per second]

medium/low precision

a fast 18/24medium overheat

*special ability:
< after 5/2 overheating: increases accuracy by 60% during the next 6 shots and allows the next 6 shots to heat the targeted part.
(overheated bullets without hitscan) >

Basic weapon 3d concept here →

(i know is not a good idea,but this 3d model is just her to show you isn’t impossible to make a weapon with 6 cannons. ) (and i’ve made this model in 1.3 hour so belive in the 6 cannons weapon.)

(note that this weapon is only a recommentation)

so you have 3 choices

(1) ignore this suggestion

(2) Improve Certain Machine Guns (this will enrich you a little more for a little effort)

(3) create a new weapon (this will enrich you a lot for a lot of effort)


The heavy machine gun is called the reaper…
Fits all the parameters of the description.

They should just add a C-RAM.

Relic version of the Caucaus.

Basically he means Whirl or Tempest sort of weapon, but 5-6 energy, higher rate of fire, and maybe make it hitscan. That would be neat though but highly likely too op.
They would need to make extremely tiny damage to set off high durability and convenience, making it rather weird weapon in general. For that I don’t think there much chance for it, but devs seem to be out of ideas for new weapons of late so who knows.
Video is private =(


Not exactly…

But I understand that some dinosaurs are able to differentiate between 540 and 631,5 shots per minute.

(And I won’t talk about Hit scan, Energy and Special perk.)

However, I can understand your mistake.

I too had difficulty understanding the difference between an Aurora and an MG13 Equalizer on day 2 of the game’s release.

So I’m going to assume that February 4th was your first day on the game.

The placement of this comma, opposed to a period, (as an American) is bothering me.

Anyways, I can only assume that you meant 631.5 shots per second, and really there is no reason to have a weapon with a fairly trivial gap in fire rate to the reaper.

And 7 energy is a lot for a machine gun. I think the only reason the reaper has a 6 point energy drain is because it doesn’t overheat. Five would suffice, as the aspect has an energy drain of four.

Another question: what rarity would this be? If it’s a relic, just use a punisher. If it’s legendary, this would be a cool weapon. Six barrels is a bit much, I think. Perhaps though…

Wait here, I’m going to do my own submission for the design.

Also, I’m not a “dinosaur”. I’m 16, and I started playing near the end of the Hyperborean season.

Design finished, what do you guys think?
Screenshot 2024-02-05 091352
Screenshot 2024-02-05 091400
Screenshot 2024-02-05 091423