Machineguns, miniguns, rapid fire machine guns etc need an across the board nerf

UUhhmmm, i can see your point but i’m struggling a bit.

I started with Defenders, not accurate at longer ranges and at close ranges i was always losing to SGs ( Spitfires for once).
From what i remember they were substantial weaker than what used or use to walk around the battles.
Most probably because of that i don’t mind much.
I know you mean epic and upwards Mgs but the first thing that comes into my mind when talking about Mgs and SGs are those two, for me the benchmark for each class.
For the same reason, regarding cannons, no.

They are where they deserve to be, the age of the unmovable steppe spider with triple executioners is over, but if they return again I’m probably one of the guys best prepared for it…just saying. Even my lightest builds are made to face them. It’s my point of honour.
And besides, some parts of cannons least effectiveness is due to panic, tunnel vision or fog of war, it’s rarer the times i didn’t destroyed a cannon build with drones than the times i destroyed one with drone, instead of shooting drones they usually shoot the build, the wrong target for the reasons i mentioned above.
My SGs builds if are not destroyed by others things, it’s not cannons that will do it, not even hovers with cannons. Fresh, 1vs 1 no way.

There are several types of MGs not all seems to be the same thing, better see the all thing case by case

Your request has been asked many times by alot of other players Kohtupora_69.
The devs have ignored it over all the years and nerfed every weapon that could compete with machine guns.
They dont care about game balance, they only care about keeping their mindless hold w and press fire playersbase.

they have the omamori that everyone seems to be slapping onto their builds. they do nothing for cannons?

Omamori on a non dps build VS omamori on a dps build = it’s almost like neither build has an omamori → dps tickles non-dps weapons off like normal

Not to mention that when running the bigger guns, say three cannons, you can’t put all three properly on an omamori, and if you run three canonnons + omamori you won’t have energy for a flywheel, making your build do less damage over time even if it survivies longer, giving you the same performance as a non-omamori build.

Or then you use two cannons, omamori, flywheel, the PS has bloated so high that two cannons are not enough and once again get slapped around again

Not to mention the more bigger guns like quasar for example or turreting cannons in general are really hard to mount on an omamori, and then the awkward weapon placement makes your build not do very good while the fast moving small omni wheeled nothung build just strips you either way even if you had legs or hovers

Bruh MGs were bottom of the barrel garbage 2 years ago.

The 400 dmg shield of Oma straight up disappears the moment a MG looks at you. Meanwhile, good luck going through it in less than 15s with cannons.

I think you’re missing the bigger problem with the game.

My build has 16,000 total HP and none of that matters against an MG/SG/Athena build that targets down your gun.

If you are running two cannons and you lose one, you lose 50% of your firepower and have no hope of “degunning” the MG build.

If you are running 3X 88s, they’ll get stripped too.

Even an Avalanche with Averter gets stripped when targeted down.

The entire game play is centered around shooting guns off in under 10 seconds. Then the player SDs because he’s not “playing” any more.

All guns should have their HP 4X so people have to figure out what’s the best strat for the given moment: IE shoot guns, shoot cab, shoot wheels, shoot modules.

Right now, it is degun and none.

I agree the de-gunning is a issue for the game. It ruins game play. So fun having a bunch of full builds running around “bullying”. It’s incredibly lame. All weapons should have about a 50% increase in durability or more.

I’m confused: I thought it was the defensive modules that are part of why MGs are too strong. Wouldn’t raising weapon durability just make that worse?

Also, what is stopping people from burying other types of weapons deep inside their builds?

I prefer the current degunning game to the dewheeling game that Crossout used to be.

Ummm…I noticed alot of people saying “weapon X attached to omamori”…I use the averter myself…does the weapon actually have to be attached to the omamori or averter, to get the damage aversion perk? If that’s the case, then it’s generally only protecting 1 weapon, and seems like a waste of time using it.

All this time, I’ve been sticking the averter anyplace convenient on the build and assumed it’s protecting everything that uses energy. Have I been wrong all this time? :disappointed:

Defensive modules only work on things that are attached to the nodes.
It is possible to attach more than one gun to a module, but it’s a bit awkward, which is why horseshoe DPS builds are so popular (it’s the easiest way to work around the awkwardness).

Edit: I think you can only see the nodes when you trigger the enhanced view when building.

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if you think that it is OP buy and use iot and stop to cry.

if thats the case then why not make it have limits? it gives things an extra 400 durability which is pretty ridiculous. and it can recharge itself after a certain time after its charge is used up. i think this needs to have weapon limitations. the things that should benifit the most from omamori is things with high defense / high hp like cannons. things with lower hp should only have a fraction of that.

from my understanding of the module it absorbs a certain amount of damage, essentially cutting the damage a gun takes in half. so an arbiter with 300 hp for example would have 600 hp instead or perhaps more depending on what you have on it.

the module should effect weapons differently depending on what type of weapon they are.

This is not true. For several years the MG’s were bad and stripped quickly. Back then we complained about shotguns. Then the punisher arrived, everyone said it was crap and a buff appeared for all MG"s.

And then look (mouse) turning and oma came. GG for most reloading weapons. (I mean for average players like me).

It was great fun de-framing entire builds in two shots with my Scorps.

“Become a part of the problem”
How about no

Arbiter has been OP for a very long time, even during the shotgun meta days and pre-supercharged it did insanely good, especially when Nova cabin first appeared

You might be on to something: maybe omamori should buff a percentage of the item HP, rather than a flat rate?

This does not sound like a bad idea at all, this could actually work

yeah i think so.
but lets not forget something as well. the omamori takes damage when it runs out of charge. but how exactly does this factor work?
think about it. if you shoot the gun the damage also carries over to the omamori itself when the charge is used up.
so lets take into consideration this scenario.

lets say you have a mammoth attached to the omamori with 2000 hp (this is an example) and the omamori has 400 hp on the charge and 300 hp on the module itself.
the mammoths will lose 400 hp down to 1600, the omamori will run out of charge absorbing 400 out of the 800 damage the mammoth took.
well after that the omamori will start taking damage, 300 till it falls off. but this begs the question, does the omamori absorb half of the damage still or does it fully take the same amount of damage as the mammoth?

either way though it should only give a buff to the percentage of the item hp depending on what weapon type it is and possibly the rarity to. because that much hp boost on a blue or even a special weapon is way to much.