Machineguns, miniguns, rapid fire machine guns etc need an across the board nerf

Or just some fine tuning. They are way too powerful and accurate at all situations and distances, there is literally no downside to them.

Like a shotgun isn’t that great or accurate at longer ranges, give or take, but a rapid fire machinegun delivers devastating damages at closer ranges, and even at longer to medium ranges.

Miniguns (arbiter line) just have way too high of a damage output and accuracy, these things feel liek they can pick parts off across the whole map sometimes, even autocannons meant for accuracy (stillwind line) aren’t this accurate in most cases. This is not ok for a weapon that needs nothing more than to hover your mouse over an enemy build.

All of the machine guns benefit from nearly hitscan level accuracy with tap firing at even insane distances.

I’d suggest lowering the damage output even if it came at the cost of giving the weapons more hp overall. Even at laughable hp these things outclass all the slow firing big beefy weapons who have no chance of destroying any of these guns at all even if you could hit one of them, while these things require practically no aiming at all, especially at bigger targets.

Another way to balance it out would be to give guns like cannons (I am using these as an example of a big sow firing gun, honestly cannons are maybe the best weapons out there that’s not dps-spam because we have a bunch of completely forgotten and abandoned weapons that would need a buff to compete with this machinegun minigun shotgun rf-machinegun autocannon spam that’s everywhere in the game) some bullet damage resistance, so maybe then when a triple cannon build goes toe to toe against 4 arbiters you could do something else than get your guns shot off in 3 seconds while managing to get in 1 shot and do absolutely nothing.

All these guns suffer from being able to do everything at one. Rapid fire machineguns deliver insane damage at closer range, but so do miniguns and machineguns. Miniguns can deliver steady continuous damage at medium to even longer range, but so can all machineguns and to an extent rapid fire machineguns. Especially with the accuracy+ cabin. Simply put they are too good and versatile with practically no downside, or that downside completely removed by 10+ past fusion events or with a single cabin perk, whlie things liek cannons still can’t compete even if you were using a reload cabin or explosion boosting cabin or a straight up overall damage boosting cabin. While said overall damage boosting cabin lifts the usual machineguns etc to an even higher amount of performance.

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One of the solutions would be to lean in more heavy into the roles of each gun.

For one, remove tap firing benefits all together from rapidfire-machineguns. Give them more damage at close range, but a way shorter heating time and a way way longer cooling time to encourage a hit and run type of gameplay, rather than the drive right into an enemy and hold button to fire and just keep driving into the enemy you already blew off the guns in under a second even retchers do not chew out structural parts this fast

Possibly rework the range of miniguns even if it meant giving them a waster rate of gaining perk damage, so you don’t have things like 2 machine gun hovers way back in the map just stripping the whole team, so they have to be more involved in the fight rather than unreachable 90% of the time because by the time you might have gotten a few shots in at their guns they have already stripped you

Normal machine guns could stay the way they are, being the only machine guns benefiting from tap firing could be their “thing”, to be honest it’s usually just the miniguns and rf-machine guns that seem to steamroll everything, if you exclude nothungs, that still feel way more balanced than things like arbiter and imp.

Currently any of these guns can do all three, drive right into an enemy and just spam fire, stay way back and just spam bullets, or just stay in any range and engage any gun in the game, any build without a thought

  1. No.
  2. Not reading all that.
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I think it’s a matter of hover and oma

Guessing you are a guy that uses builds with guns plopped on top of build with little armor to protect them.

I see very few complaining about MGs right now. I think punnys are strong but as a relic, they should be. I dont see them as being too strong and most seem to complain more about mastos, helicons, breakers, firebugs, porcs, etc.


I think a lot of this could be solved with some further tweaks to projectiles and explosives.
Explosives should break up spaced armour better than it currently does, and the penetrating cannons still don’t feel like they penetrate effectively enough.


Nope try again, it does not matter if it’s a horseshoe build or whatever, nothing can withstand the current dps meta

Want further proof? Look at how many of said dps builds actually have their own guns hidden, on how many say arbiter hovers are the arbiters actually hidden rather than plopped right on top of a build like you suspect everyone is running their guns

Yes, but don’t stop there. Nerf everything into oblivion (except relics of any kind, of course).

New player, full of excitement because: “Wow I finally got a Spectre!!!”.

New player two days later: “They nerfed the best gun I ever had so far? Later for this game.”

When gun group A consists of 30% of all guns in game and gun group B consist of every other gun in the game no matter the type, and group A totally annihilates B in every way for several months, I think A might be just a bit imbalanced

Yeah, explosives and projectile weapons just do not pack the same punch like a minigun or a rapid fire machinegun. And the whole penetration mechanic feels extra wonky at best, not even noticeable at most times

Basically if you want to shoot off parts off of an enemy, you have to use the rapid peashooters rathe than humongous explosive shots an missiles which just blows in general

You’re gonna love the Reaper buff :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I see where OP’s coming from. Everything became so tanky over the last year, with Omamori, Grizzly, armor parts getting resists, light armor getting buffed, Pegasus being released, etc… That the game straight up devolved into a degunning contest. What was once a viable strategy among others for ranged gameplay is now more or less the only way to play ranged weapons.

I kinda miss simpler times when Blight firedogs didn’t take 80 rockets center of mass before exploding.

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Degunning has always been a strategy…nearly the only strategy when using accurate MGs. Omamori was both a blessing and a curse. It was made to combat that, as some disliked weapons falling off so fast. But because it is also used for degunning weapons, it helps them as well.

I assume OP is PC. What comps are run in CW top 10?

On PS, more complain about other weapons. MG complaints are currently very limited.

This is a more general statement… but Items that have great flexibility are far more powerful than their more specialized counterparts. This doesn’t just include Weapons, it applies to movement parts too. Why are Hovers so popular? It’s because their mobility offers a lot of flexibility. They can chase down fleeing opponents, outrun pursuers, and get to advantageous positions before their opponents can.

You can nerf one type of weapon, but everyone will use the next best thing.

Metas will always exist, and balance will never be perfect. However, I still think it could be a lot better.

I would like to see a recoil mechanic added. It would severely affect cannon accuracy when mounted on parts like Hovers, Omni wheels, and Gerrida.


Have y’all seen Typhoons on the test server? I watched some footage, and they appeared to be smacking the crud out of things at range. Typhoon was borderline okay, and now they are buffing reload speed by 16 percent.


That’s a good thing. When, Cannons become a more viable option, it indirectly makes other items more viable as well. Players will use Cloaks, Drones, and Shields more because Machine Guns and Autocannons don’t dominate everything.


Also, if I’m understanding the notes correctly, the upgraded Flywheel will get a efficiency modifier as well?


I just double checked this. There is no buff for the Flywheel. That would be cool though.

What is “recharge boosters”?

-Recharge boosters: added effectiveness improvement (+10%).

Should be a new upgrade option for Flywheel.

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Hi Nocturnal,

Boosters are the rocket engines in the game. I think that is what they are talking about.