Mad chase rewards

So, anyone get anything worth mentioning from the thing

I decided to grind all the crates everyday and resource crates are as fodder as always, sticker boxes nothing worth mentioning, then again even the new stickerinos would just have been a whoopedoo-Idon’treallycare, and from the paint crates white fodder worth maybe 7 coins at max, but I did get 1 black gold which was cool

I already have a ton of varying shades of black but I guess it’s ok

I got all 3 rare paints and the new legendary event paint “To Valhalla”. It’s like Chrome. I was hoping for Lemon Camo but it’s not a bad haul. Congrats on Black Gold. That is a top 5 paint on Xbox.

i literally got that lemon paint on my first crate LOL :rofl:

i also got the black gold paint and the rest were commons.

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man my luck in this game is trash cuz thats all i ever get

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I also got the lemon paint, but nothing else that was very exciting.

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You guys are the worst. Oh well. Maybe in 2 years or so they will offer a chance to win Lemon Camo again and maybe my rolls will be better then.

Although Valhalla doesn’t look much different from Chrome and Quicksilver, I can be content knowing the following:

  1. It is an event paint that has never been released before.
  2. You can’t buy it.
  3. I have it and Lexi does not.

I wish I could trade you for Valhalla. I will probably never use the lemon camouflage.

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I would do that deal immediately.

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I saw this topic and i thought
Paints? Hell yah.

And then i got this.

with a variation of my PVE build, with this

and then with this

I don’t have nobody to blame but myself.

Previously i did a single game with my drone build, because i enter that mode by mistake, all i saw was retchers incoming, Waltzes, and big, big cannons, way above my Puncher’s 7k PS weight, i died fast.
Then i saw JBrider’s video where he suggested Skadis and alike and whatnot, I thought it’s P2W i can’t be bothered.
Then i saw this topics and… Paints.
Well, it was fun, i didn’t found it hard, completely doable, with nothing out of ordinary teams and weapons.
I told this as a cautioner tale.
tiring work week, the grind and so on were factors.
Before i had things coming in my inventory with me not knowing where they came from, now i pursuit them.
Moral of this story
Have fun


That haul is as good as anyone else did, with a lot less work.

Good to know.
I like aircraft covering, celestial expanse, turquoise gemstone, sand storm, bromide and there about i’m happy to have one more in the same postal code as the first i mentioned.


I got Quick Silver, Lemon Camo, Isotope-239 Metallic, and then those scratchy white stickers.
I suppose that’s it, game over?

I like what I got, and always appreciate the free stuff. Thanks, Devs.


if i could give it to you i would lol. i probably wont use it.

bugs bunny: nyeeeeeh aren’t i a stinker!?


you say u cant buy it lol guess what just like many things i bet theyll make it a cross crowns purchase like they do with season pass stuff

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