Mad Max Fury Road..VS..Crossout.list all the parts you see in mm and xo

Can you find all the parts/movement parts ect…used in madmax fury road that we use in xo ?
trainplow spikes ect…

tires and sand

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I think there are some shiv wheels in fury road. And some cabins that look a bit like the Bat.

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Let’s list all the part used in Star Wars or Star Trek…


Lol yeah :slight_smile: there are WAY more then that :slight_smile:

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Came on… really? Train plows and Spikes is the best you can do?

here’s what i saw and i’m tired, if i was fresh i could had see more

  • Boom sticks
  • Harpy
  • Boar
  • cheetah
  • twin wheels
  • BFs
  • Jockey or very very similar
  • terribull bar or very similar
  • whaleback
  • buggy wheels