Major game breaking flaw Punishment for unknown network error

Devs need to refund fuel when unknown network error occurs. THEY have the means to asses if its a player disconnect
Vs a network packet loss disconnect. AND they break the game by refusing to refund fuel and NON ban from events when its packet loss based unknown network errors. because requests are made for packets to be sent again so they know full well that its NOT our fault.

3 hard raids out of 4 today failed to load and caused unknown network error to occur all of them within first minute usually upon start.

I am peeved about it because it also cost me 600 badges. because this was NOT the only theft of fuel this week.

The disconnecting its self is NOT the problem ITS the theft of fuel and bans that are when THEY KNOW DAMN well its NOT our fault based on repeated packet request etc. when packets get dropped.