Make Aegis Prime Shield 2 energy

All is in the title. I think people are not using Aegis Prime because it cost 3 energy and it’s too much to implement in our build as it"s less important than something else (engine, chameleon, reload time module, etc…)

If it was 2 energy it would actually be more easy to use.

In my opinion in the best world it should cost 2 energy and be Epic part, not legendary (it cost too much powerscore for what it is, it’s not a weapon but a module)

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I agree

i partially agree. the thing is the barrier IX is a really good barrier and can absorb a ton of hits, the aegis prime though… while yes it is a module you cant also forget it has the ability to do things the barrier IX cant.

Barrier IX

  • must use ammo / genesis, which is explosive, for more charges.
  • can absorb 2000 points of damage.
  • must stay in the spot its placed down.
  • easier to disarm.
  • massive field of protection.
  • the weapon is pretty big and cant be hidden to well.
  • can be combined with a cheetah engine to further reduce its cooldown time.


  • is light weight.
  • small and compact so it can fit on most builds.
  • creates a barrier alot smaller then the Barrier IX.
  • can absorb 1000 points of damage as opposed to the Barrier IX which can absorb 2000 points of damage.
  • is infinite use.
  • can be combined with the cheetah engine to further decrease its recharge time.
  • is good for hit and run builds.
  • can absorb some damage as your returning fire.
  • it is physically on the vehicle itself and not dropped in a stationary location. meaning your able to use it at any time.

im sure theres more for the prime but i dont think it needs changes.
as for the energy requirement… i dont think we want this getting overpowered. i think 3 is ok where its at. i have seen people abuse aegis primes before though, there were people running 2 - 3 of them on a small compact build running 2 punishers, they would run in, shoot at your guns, drive out, wait for the primes to recharge then run back in while taking next to no damage. luckily they put in the activation time nerf on them for every one you have on your build.

If aegis prime cost two energy then Devs would need to limit rides to only being allowed to use two.

Tbh it would cause significant imbalance. 12 energy in guns and two aegis seems a bit too strong.

Another note is the yongwang would become stronger then it is atm. It’s already op with double aegis Imo.

What they should do is tweak another aspect instead. For example make it so that if you only have a single aegis on your build it lasts x amount longer, or it recycles x amount faster. Or something like that. That would work out well.

Using 2 aegis prime significantly reduce the effectiveness of the second one used and use too much energy. If you just push him he cant do anything with just 2 guns. No one use that in clan wars

But yes if they put it 2 energy then they should limit usage to 1 max on a vehicle

for that i was referring to when they DIDNT have the nerf on the aegis before. people would run a tiny punisher build and run 2 or 3 aegis with guns like punishers, they would run a fast build, if one shield went down theyd activate another and just run away till they recharged. then come back in, rinse and repeat. you literally couldnt counter them unless you focus your shots on them but even then they still activate, run and come back after the shields back. after the nerf i never seen them since.

I play double aegis builds. You can activate your Seccond shield just before the other one dies off and the Seccond shield goes up with full duration.