Make Annihilator Playable

Please buff the Annihilator, they are unplayble. Instant destroyed and no Damage… I love this weapon…

How many are you using on your build? I had a triple annihilator build a little while ago with the new drone cabin and I thought they seemed reasonably effective. It’s a bit tricky staying within range while they do their thing, but not as tricky as with most of the other drones.

I have also the Munin cabine and 3 annihilators. But damage is poor and they instandly dead - to much mashine gunner…
=> Also is the range to low… my craft instandly die. :smiley:

Like many close range weapons, you want to find isolated enemies, or enemies who are distracted with attacking an ally.
A single victim usually has a hard time shooting down the drones above them, but an ally of that victim will be able to target the drones much easier.
I also find that you need to find the right balance between tanky and mobile. You are going to need to be able to absorb some damage, but you also need to be as mobile as possible.

With the new drone cabin, I find it’s best to wait until close to the end of the drone deployment before triggering the perk. Seems like they detonate after a set amount of time, so if you wait until the end of the cycle, you’ll get the most damage out of them.

I find they are most effective against large slow enemies, and especially ones who don’t have the right weapons to shoot drones down. Find a sniper and ruin their day!

Edit: bots have perfect aim and will target your drones. Either avoid them, or target them when they are attacking someone else.

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They just nerfed the speed on the anni’s a tad not to long ago and im still doing quite good with them. They are my fave wep.
What build and strategy do u deploy? This is key to their success.

Run along with others mostly when u can and tag team opponents. Always attack with 3 anni’s at one target. Bind to one key. The anni’s work best as a team of 3. They take too long to damage alone or with two. 3 is the magic number.

You have to get good at timing your attacks based on your drones quantity available and the amount of time they have left. Its no good attacking as they are about to go poof so you have to be prepared to self kill them early so some new fresh anni babbies can spawn ready to kill before you face your foe. Cloak helps here a lot.

I play at 12k because i want all the extra energy i can have to spend on gadgets and equipment which brings me up to 12k. It’s fun up here with more deadly builds to combat against and more toys to play with.

I run 80 parts so i use a bunch of good armor with decent speed but id say the rear is where u need to beef up as droner drivers get chased a lot and people like to shoot rear ends. Set your drones on them as they are chasing and the right build will give u time to destroy them chasing YOU!

I run a cheetah to boost drone reload.

I run a cloak to hide and make people look around while im zapping them…

I run an argus to kill mines, missiles and odd traps with that cool asss lazer.

I run either an omamori or an averter to make me last longer.

I run a rd-listener radar as extra range is not needed to run drones so i save an energy point using this radar. Once locked on the anni’s will kill people within their range even behind walls. Try not to lose your radar as you will have to get close after that to lock on. I hide mine upside down below the car.

I run on hermits because they are awesome. Tough, fast n durable.

I run mostly The Call but have been playing around with Munnin lately which is fun with the extra damage but i do like the Call for speed.

I run a genesis module for extra drones.

I run all this with the aid of a Thor generator.

All of this stuff has been upgraded where possible but as for my anni’s i have them boosted for reload n durability.

Im not sure how long you have tried them but they are def doable and get easier to kill with if u keep at it.

Goodluck fellow droner and some happy zappy kills!

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theres a reason they dont do a whole lot of damage.
back when they came out all you needed to do was run 3 of them and people would be powerless to stop you. they were so broken the community was in an uproar about them.

annihilators are meant to be a support weapon, the reason they do such low damage is because of their effect, they are basically a spark 3 in drone form. meaning they slow the enemies builds down while also dealing damage directly to the cabin or any weapons above the cabin. this weapon does not need a buff, ever.

And that just sucks , every other weapon has a hold the line factor to a certain degree, drones should had that too.
“Support” weapon is another word for bad or weak weapon.

I beg to disagree, drones in general need a buff, not in damage output, but more in durability and in cooldown time/ active time, energy cost in some cases.
they are the lowest durability weapon in all the game and in a clear disadvantage against every other weapon.

Yes, I agree that Annihilators was overpowered on release, but now its a another time! Much more mashine gunners (better playble) and a lot of new perks and weapons. I think now is a good time to buff it again. :slight_smile:

Im absolutly agree with you! :slight_smile:

When you compare: Granadier, Yaoguai with Annihilator, then it is a big difference, with Damage, Mobility (only Granadier) and Flexibility. And we talk about 2 Epic weapons and 1 Legendary! There is no Balance… => Check the Power score, it makes no sence.

=> When you need to move, the Annihilators have a to low distance… in the info box they are talking from “Radar range”. But this is newer 500 Meters… check the distance in the garage. There you have meter marker…

and i agree, drones need a buff but not to the state of something like the grenadiers were before. fuzes need a massive reload buff, seriously 30 second reload is way to much. i have mine fused for reload and even then its still awful.

not necessarily. sparks and flashes are support weapons to and they can do a good job as well. most support type weapons arent that bad but i agree there are some that leave alot to be desired.

perfect example of this is anacondas, they are the weakest drone, are a big target and the damage is laughable alongside the stupidly long time between firing a rocket. that one needs a big buff.

i can agree to this somewhat. but it also presents a whole new problem.
for weapons that cant aim that high, like some cannons, they cant hit the drones like annihilators which make them useless.
countering drones can be tough for reloading weapons as well and youd be forced to tank the damage unless you can take out the drone carrier or be picked off from afar by their drones having increased health.
some drones need a damage buff / reload buff / buff in general to damage, fire rate and hp. again anacondas.

no. i do not want to face that again, this will just make things worst for everyone. then cannons will be extremely vulnerable, scratch that, any reloading weapon with limited firing angles will be effected. the things that hard counter annihilators will be machine guns and shotguns as well as miniguns. but even then itll solve nothing, only create more problems and make people run nothing but mgs, miniguns and shotguns even more then before.

the grenadiers were BROKEN before, thats why they were nerfed and had a huge boost to their powerscore, to help prevent that, but it did nothing.
grenadiers could pick apart heavily armored builds with their damage and explosion damage alone. my clan wars build, a heavily armored typhoon tank got picked apart by grenadiers in mere seconds. my team mates got destroyed in under a minute. trust me i came across teams of 4 running 3 - 4 grenadiers a piece. its not fun having 12 - 16 drones firing on you at all times. if you couldnt kill the drone runner then the drones would kill you in little time. i do NOT want to see anymore grenadier drone boats thanks.

But falcons/hawks and Owls are too easy to shootdown, Mgs, Sgs and cannons can one shot the all payload if they are lucky.

And that’s a mistake they make and one i rely to them to do, it’s what allow me to destroy them, when they don’t go for my mothership it’s when i’m in trouble.

Never go for the mothership, always prioritize the drones first, it only takes seconds, you will render the drone build useless for 30 seconds or a bit less.

I only run 4 e.g. many run more but they really don’t use them all.
A drone build will go out of ammo or SD at a certain point.

We really need a buff

i agree they do need a buff to. owls are completely useless though, like the anacondas they suffer from low hp, easy target, laughable damage and extremely slow fire rate. these need a big buff as well.
as for falcons and hawks yeah they need an hp boost.