Make Crafting Great Again ')

PC/when it cost 500c to craft and only sells for 237c…nice market :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pyres are low price because of the dusk pack.

Like many other things that come in packs, those pieces end up underwater. That said… that should only cost you about 380-390 to make if you crafted it properly from the ground up (which would require subsidizing potential profits from the blues and teals into the purple). You have to read the market and see what sells for what and put your effort toward the things which will return a profit. Sometimes that profit’s a coin, sometimes it is significantly more.

I average 800 coins a day in market profit when I’m bothering with crafting, myself. That’s buying scrap, copper, etc. off the market and burning it down in crafting. Speaking of… feel free to post some of that scrap up. I’m -always- buying.


Seems everyone and their dog is making X number of coins a day, while i have to grind every single coin on missions, raids and whatnot, i’m almost always at zero. when i want to build after months of gathering material , i have to sell some raw materials to finance a blue part, after selling it i have to sell some more blue parts to be able to jump start my building.
Then when i stop building i have to sell the lot to be able to trade for what i want.
The Market defence mechanisms are another hurdle to overcome, wait 24 h, wait 30 minutes, wait, wait…
Come on…
How do you do 800 coins a day…average?
in a 3 or 4 months i do ± 8000 coins if, if i manage to keep a rhythmic going for that time frame.
wait 15 minutes, wait 2 hours, wait 6 hours, wait 21 hours.
Man, even the sitting war didn’t take that long

I can make 7-8 teals at a time and 6-8 epics, depending on market fluctuations of what’s valuable… Which is to say I make a lot of objects a lot of the time. I needto get on that today actually. Behind schedule XD. On your average teal I make 20-30 coins of profit if I’ve done my work correctly with lowballing bids to get mats. an epic will net me another 40-100 past that. It’s just a matter of logging in every couple of hours for a few minutes over the course of an evening. I’d imagine your average person could probably pull 200-400 coins out of the market just crafting on a normal day. I have the ‘advantage’ of being disabled and while I’m often too busy through the day to really play… I can take a few moments to reset crafts.

From what you have in stock at any given time? If so, i don’t have that.
7 teals means 5.250 scrap.
Even at full swing and talking about epics i can build 2 on a normal day, 3 sometimes, on the weekends 4 (but that almost never happens).
Often when i have enough to build, i stop playing , and focus on my building (so no income). I might play during building phase but most of the times it’s to correct calculation errors i might commit.
When i play i don’t build. So, there’s that.
Other thing i do that may seem logic but i don’t know if helps or not.
Next thing in the list is a TOW, i can build a TOW, so i will build a TOW, but i will build 3 or 5, i will keep 1 for me and sell the others. I do this every time i build something. In theory that will give me coins to spare but in reality there’s no big difference if i build just 1. ( i really don’t know where the extra coins end up).

Last set of buildings i did was shivers but i wanted Gremlins, i didn’t built Gremlins because they require batteries ( i only do batteries mission for the badges) and i’m saving them for building Legendaries to trade for the Legendaries i want.
So i built shivers, after a quick look at the market they were at the same ballpark as Gremlins but at the end i had to make additional parts to meet the price.
While workable my approach to market it’s at afterthought level far from optimized like your 800 coins a day, average.
feel free to share your thoughts, what you would change in the modus operandi.
Mind you, many times, due to everyday normal routines i come home do the dailies and call it a day

That’s what happens when there’s no demand to buy a part because of over supply. That’s everyone getting a workpieces fault.

Crafting is still very profitable. Don’t be so dramatic.

Like… Just be happy it’s cheap af on the market and buy it.

make using brain great again, some things are worth crafting others not - crossoutdb

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I can’t remember a single time outside blue parts when it would have been more cheaper to craft a part rather than just buy it off of the market.

Even if you had a lot of extra items floating around in your inventory, usually if you sell them all and just buy the part you want you’re left with extra coins, compared to using them for plain out crafting. Same with materials, rather than using them to craft, it’s always more profitable to sell them off for coins and then just buy the parts.

I am greatful for all the crafters making me Crossout Rich, but I do not participate in this pointless activity.

The first thing I generally recognize is that most of what I build will never be for me. I’m just there to click the buttons and roll over the time waits to craft for someone else. That means that say… across 7 teals? I might only get to keep the actual sales price of -one- of those in profits, the rest I reinvest into buying more materials to craft more things. That’s doing everything right. But 140 coins every 2 hours stacks up after 2-3 times a day of that and then you throw in purples, blues, etc. and their profits and suddenly I’m at 800 on a decent day when I can poke at it a bit every once in a while. One of the key things really is just… be crafting -something- that isn’t in a pack or has a bunch of workpieces out for it and to see which of your crafting workpieces are able to be made for money as well.

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Its not hard at all - I find the “I cant do it, so no one else can” defense offensive. If you would like to learn, there are some (including myself) that will happily teach you… But can we return to asking questions instead of crying “I cant do it, so no one else can”…

Crying? who’s crying? Not me.

My posture is far from If i can’t, nobody can’t.
My main focus is to destroy or get destroyed, i’m the first one to admit that my approach to the market side of things is at afterthought/ over the knee level. it works but it’s far from being at 800 coins a day, average.
I don’t intend to abuse the market but i wouldn’t say no to some coins a day average.
I described my method to whoever wants to chip in.

Open mind