Make events free again! ♣

Everyone stop spending money on events to get rid of PAID EVENTS.
All events is doing is killing MARKET and taking our MONEY.

Remember the day when events was free. Event should be free %75 percent of the time at least.
Tired of every game company getting in to the CASH GRAB THEME these days.

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What do you mean by “paid events”? Do you need to pay any money to join current brawl?

Maybe you meant miniBP?

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Well to get the rewards, its like a mini Battle Pass going on. Witch is okay but there is been 3 in a row now that is $10

It’s ok to not purchase the BP.

I didn’t the last one. It wasn’t worth 10 bucks to me.

however, to a new player it was well worth 10 bucks.

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I haven’t bought any of the mini-BPs, but I still got free rewards from them. I don’t feel like the old events had particularly valuable free rewards, did they?

It’s the battlepass thing, but the event requires from you to participate and earn points.

One word — cashgrab. Embrace it and you’ll inderstand.

Yeah I get that dont have to spend money… Sometimes they should make a nice challenging free event that maybe gives out some premium or something. And few other little things like cosmetics, paints, decor, garage structurers, and Weapon skins.

They used to not be mini BPs is his point.

Mini BPs are BS.


You can say that again.

…or, they could be a clever way to get out of their contract with Gajiin, collect unemployment, or go find their dream job.

Welcome to McTargem…are you a McBattle Pass member?

With Gaijin politics I won’t be surprised if it happens.

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Yes, they have taken a liking to it, evidently they have found a way to make money easily without work too much

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