Make Kapkans Great Again

as long as at least one person ever was discouraged from spending their dollars on this game due to my posts, i have succeeded.
its cool that you have made your choice to support the game, but not everyone has, and maybe someone will read my argument and think for at least a second and decide that they either continute spending money, or stop doing so.

I can’t stop you from coming here every day trying to recruit people for your boycott, but don’t you think you might have more success if you didn’t keep insulting everyone who doesn’t want to join your boycott?
Or do you even want it to be successful?

I would advise you to do some research into past successful boycotts, and see what strategies you can borrow from them. Maybe insults have worked for some of them!

You two need to find a room, you’re making this place f*cking unreadable and unenjoyable.

Also @Poony4u no offense but did you notice you can’t go like 5 days without getting into the same argument and derailing a thread at this point? We all need to step back from the forums and take a deep breath sometimes. I did before. Now’s very clearly your turn.

Now if we could talk about the garbage, unpleasant piece of crap that kapkans are, it’d be GREAT!

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why dont you read the kapkan description where it says DOES NOT AFFECT TRUCKS OR LEVIS

Sorry, I’ll go back to letting that dude spam the forum with the same post over and over.

Work is slow today, and I have too much time to kill.

no, thats why those are two entirely different sentences with different words and all. plus, black and white thinking from you, really?

highly doubt this. looking at the dwindling player base and my recollection of playing with plenty of frustrated players who mostly played out of addiction/boredom/seemingly pure rage.

one can see it with players who leave and then come back because they couldnt fill the emptiness with something else.

every crossout player has played the game at times just to get this crap, or finish that turd, or get a raid in before it switches etc. its a fluid line where the fun stops and addiction begins.

why? because you dont want to hear it? no good argument for deyning this to him unless hes being offensive. because, you too are trying to convinve him of something he doesnt want to hear.

you can stop arguing but you cant shut others up, this is a safe space after all.

no, hes yelling at you, youre not a cloud! and clouds dont yell back either btw. also, yelling at clouds has its merits. its where god is.

the kapkan has always been a trash p2w weapon for trash p2w players. wanting it to be buffed should be met akin to admitting to be a regular firedog player, with shame and ridicule.


That’s fair enough.

I guess I just can’t imagine why anyone would spend their valuable leisure time playing a game they think is in such a bad unplayable state. There’s just so many better ways to spend your valuable leisure time.

I genuinely hope that the majority of current Crossout players aren’t just playing because they are addicted to a game they think sucks. That would be truly sad.

Having said that, if this is a safe space to say whatever we feel, aren’t you going against that by telling me to stop criticizing his boycott campaign? Don’t my feelings count?

no cuz only kapkan lives matter :rofl: :rofl: :beers: :beers:

I’m feeling a bit bad about my role in derailing this thread, so I’m going to try to get it back on topic.

Kapkans were one of the most frustrating items in the game for me for the longest time. Having said that, I can see why they felt they had to add it, in order to give long range players a chance against close range attacks.

Is it P2W? Not really. Eventually I bought one on the market, and while it’s more expensive than most epics, it’s arguably powerful enough to be a legendary, so it’s not that much coin from that perspective.

Now that I have one, I barely use it. I just don’t spend enough time sitting in one place to need it, and those energy points can always be spent elsewhere. Not to mention that by the time I got around to getting one, it had been nerfed so much that it barely functions for its original purpose.

Even though I don’t find my Kapkan very useful, I do not think it needs to be buffed, and I would be very nervous about a relic version. The only way that a relic version might be justified would be if it worked completely differently, like Jubokkos (although hopefully more useful than they are).

And how dare you call firedog players trash! Flamethrowers on a truck is the most Mad Max thing in the game, and it’s good to keep some of that flavour! I agree that they were too strong for too long, but I think the Blight nerf has mostly addressed that. I wouldn’t cry if they got nerfed a bit more, but do we really want full teams of DPS spiders with nothing to keep them in check?

Better to buff cannons. I want to feel a lot more fear when a shell lands nearby.