Make Kapkans Great Again

I understand kapkans are a love/hate item. I suggest regardless of opinions, we need kapkans to be great again.

With the advent of FIN and Pegasus, heavy builds can easily run through them. Heavy builds now can go 80+, with nothing to really slow them.

If there were no argus or interceptor, we would need kapkans to be weak, like their current state. Because we have counters in the game, the game would be better balanced by having kapkans work predictably vs all non-cloaked builds moving <100.

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Just like the Yeti and Omamori the Legendary engines should become 3 energy after the energy changes but they’ve gone back on that, I wonder why…

People complained that too many builds would be broken.
I suspect that eventually they will up the energy requirements of some things, but that they want to launch the new energy system with as little player frustration as possible.

kapkans are way too obnoxious as they are. in fact they should be flat out removed from the game because i guarantee there isnt 1 person in this entire community who enjoys playing against kapkans

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So you are the guy/gal that just gets off on complaining. Got it. Will ignore you from now on.

keep being ignorant and pretending the state of this game is alright.
youre free to live in your bubble

Have you considered that maybe we’re not “pretending” to enjoy the game?
I’m not trying to say you should enjoy the game, but I think you are wasting your time trying to convince us we aren’t.
You speak for yourself, not the rest of us.

read my comment first and then respond again

You mean this part, where you insult everyone who doesn’t agree with you?

no, i mean the comment where i did not say that you should stop enjoying the game or that you are not enjoying the game.

That sounds a lot like what I just quoted.

550th explanation of “acknowledging game problems is not equal to not enjoying playing”

He’s right tho, nobody likes kapkans. We use them sometimes, but you don’t want to hear how we call kapkan builds in our chat lol. They’re very very OP at 2 energy when they work, so I am glad they’re not working unless you play multiples right now. Like pretty much every other weapon in the game.

I can hear the “but it’d balance dogs” argument, except dogs are often the best equipped to deal with kapkans between the low hatchets and Flashes, and fixing some broken thing by making another more broken counter doesn’t register as proper balance in my head.

If we believed that the state of the game is not alright, we wouldn’t enjoy the game.
You believe the game is not in a good state, which I think most English speakers would agree means you are not enjoying the game.

Claiming that we are only pretending that the “state of the game is alright” is synonymous with claiming that we are only pretending to enjoy the game.

I guess I could see the argument that maybe some of us enjoy the game despite believing it is not in a good state. But I think most people who truly believe the game is as bad as you say are not actually enjoying it anymore.

I think a lot of people on this forum are in love with a fictional version of this game. Some have convinced themselves that the game used to be perfect, and has now been ruined. I don’t think that perfect version of the game ever actually existed.
So yes, the game isn’t perfect. No game is.
But the game in its current state is still very fun for me and for most of the people that play it. We accept it for what it is, flaws and all.
If you can’t accept the flaws in something you claim to love, I don’t think you truly love that thing (or person).

this statement does not make sense and is not true.

i can enjoy a videogame while still feeling like the direction of development or current balancing is in a bad state, which it undeniably is. crossout itself is still an interesting and unique game, and i still do enjoy it.

and yet again, you are comparing a loved one to a videogame, that is, a product we pay for.
clearly you acknowledge this game has flaws, why do you feel like you shouldnt do anything about it? why do you accept them? you pay for the product, why are you content with it being actively ruined or/ flawed?

Because I am just a customer.
There’s no other product or service where I feel entitled as a customer to demand changes. If I don’t like how they run their business, I take my business elsewhere.
It’s called voting with your dollar.

Again, I am not sure why you think coming to the forum to insult people for not agreeing with you is going to change the game into whatever it is you think it should be.

i know you know why, because i explained it at least twice.
in fact you literally mentioned it just now… “voting with your dollar”.

that is precisely what people should do, very simply avoid giving this greedy company money. that is the entire reason i post about this garbage at all. if people werent targem yes-men and actually dared to stop pay2winning they could probably see change come. but that is not happening, because everything is all right and nothing is wrong!

have we all not learned anything yet about personal opinions?
many turn this forum into a fight club.

i personally don’t like kapkans because they slow the game play down and cripple me or my teammates from helping our team. they should be removed and let players Roam free.
same with king mines. another annoying thing that makes u want to quit.
remove these 2 from the game.
remember ‘these are just opinions’
not so hard to see both sides without fighting to try to see if you can change someone else’s mind. just give information and let them make a decision.
all this post after post after post is getting no one anywhere…
well have fun playing :crazy_face:

And once again I am reminding you that I am telling you to vote with your dollar and time, but stop trying to convince others that we need to follow you on your boycott.
I strongly feel that anyone who doesn’t like where the game is should stop spending money on it and stop playing (the devs need free players just as much as they need paying players). If there are enough of you, maybe you will get the changes you want!

But please stop coming here and insulting everyone who doesn’t want to join your boycott.

We are all voting with our dollars and time. I have made my choice to continue to support the game with my time and with a little bit of money for BPs. You are free to make other choices. But please stop wasting your time demanding that we make the same choice you are.

And again I repeat to you: if you have to come on a message board every day and try to convince people to join your boycott, you have already lost. Anyone who agrees with you has already stopped spending money on the game. You are just yelling at clouds now.

Do you really think this is a good way to convince people to join your boycott?