Make Machinist Cabin easier to build around

Two ideas to make the Machinist Cabin easier to build around:

  1. Add weld points to the front of the cabin.
  2. Remove the lower lip in front of the cabin (circled in red.)
    Machinist cabin

I think one of the biggest reasons why the Machinist cabin isn’t very popular is because it’s difficult to build around.

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It’s Wierd to build around yah. The lip does protect undermounted generators or ammo boxes though. So I say keep that bit. I like it.

I think the main reason people don’t use it is because it’s perk doesn’t do enough for it. Mounting points at least at the top sides of the cabin and at the front would help it perform better. They just need to change the model to a more boxy train car. That should at least help the perk perform better by giving more cab position options.

The low side mount points and no high mount points really do hurt the usage of the cabins perk heavily.

The thing that bums me the most with Machinist, is
1-There’s room for more welding points on the roof, which would make the perk way more usable
2-Why would I pick Machinist and its 15 energy point, when I could pick Nova+Averter and have a shield, a better weapon durability perk, and still 15 energy points?

The shape is meh, the stats are meh, the perk is garbage.

I love the concept of the cabin, so I’ve been determined to come up with builds using it since it came out, despite the limitations and flaws.
I’ve actually enjoyed the perk, especially since the heavy armour changes, and the changes to how the perk works. My Machinist builds are rarely degunned, which allows you to play differently.

For me the biggest flaws are the slow acceleration, and the weld points. Since you need to use a lot of movement parts to take advantage of the perk, you end up being brutally slow, which is the biggest weakness of all my Machinist builds.
I don’t need weld points on the front (although that would be nice), but I could really use weld points on the top and sides that are closer to the front, so that cabin/mounted guns aren’t blocked so easily.

So far my most effective experiments have been bigrams and/or augers. I’ve been considering getting some legs though, as I think the acceleration would be less of an issue with them.

I have a Vindicator/auger build that I use for a lot of MG daily challenges and for the occasional raid. It’s very slow, but it also feels almost invincible in most raids, which comes in handy when you get matched with teammates who aren’t pulling their weight.
I’ve also enjoyed playing Kaiju/machinist builds, and I have a waltz bigram/auger machinist build that is surprisingly effective against close range attacks.

Yup, I agree with both those suggestions as you literally have to build the frames around the front lip if you want a frame in front of the cabin

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I guess I can always give my suggestions for the cab too:

1: Welding points on top, as follows:

2: Perk buffed from “8% resist every 1000 dura capped at 25%”, to “10% every 1000 dura capped at 30%”

3: Stone-deaf lvl 15, “Machinist +5kmh” (Making Stone-deaf a really solid choice on cannon machinist)

I still wouldn’t play it, but I guess at least it’d stop being worse than every epic heavy cab :eyes:

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Yes please, weld points are sorely needed for this build. Especially when the perk involves guns being mounted to the Cabin.

That would be great too.

I think the Stone Def perk not applying to Machinist is an oversight. Jade’s perk should apply to the Hadron cabin as well.

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Its funny i never used that cab yet. Maybe its because we dont have anything really train like yet. Idk