Make more weapons viable on Leviathans

By having Mini-guns stay in a spun up state the same way a player can.

They are going to have to recode the bots from the ground up. Some weapons just don’t work with bots or levis. 1 example is porcupines, that weapon is meant to be spammed for area denial but the bots don’t do that. The bot/levi will only fire the porc once you cross the line of sight which is dumb. It’s called a minelayer for a reason but bots don’t fire any of them only until you cross the line of sight to the bot. Same with kapkans and king minelayer, bots can’t use them right either.
Assembler is another weapon bot’s/levis don’t know how to use properly. They don’t charge the weapon up for increased damage but instead just rapid fire it where it got the least amount of accuracy and damage. Bot’s just waste the potential of that weapon.