Make PVP use defined PS brackets

This might be a dumb idea, but I figured I would float it anyway.

The two PS brackets of Uranium wars made me wonder if a similar system could be extended to PVP. Currently we have minimum PS limits, but I feel like maximum limits helps spur on creativity through the limitation.

Now I know people have said that choosing wires over scrap or batteries doesn’t actually put you in a different queue, and just changes the reward you get. If that is true, it might make it harder to get into a match quickly if the three PVP categories were actually separated.
But maybe three ranges wouldn’t be that much of a problem, as people tend to play in variations of low/medium/high PS anyway.

I’m thinking maximum of 6kPS for scrap, 10kPS for wires, and unlimited PS for batteries. Patrol and raids would remain unchanged.

then poor players cant even farm basic resources. and this sort of thing is already achieved with normal matchmaking anyway since 6k players dont play against 10k.
at most it would make sense to allow smaller differences in power score for matchmaking

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Yeah, that is the goal.

Why do new players need to farm all the resource types? Why not just farm scrap and copper, then sell them if you need other stuff?
I actually think it could be good for new players, assuming there are less of them. Since basically only new players and a handful of vets would be playing for scrap, the price of scrap might go up a lot, making it more lucrative for them.

but then you need to give the players a way to get other resources for crafting otherwise they have to sell scrap and buy the basic resources

I’m a bit confused. The current system has minimum requirements, which means that low PS players can’t do batteries or wires unless they raise their PS enough.
What I am proposing is about maximums, and more about keeping high PS away from mid and low PS. In most ways, this restricts high PS players much more than low PS players.

You could still even keep some version of our current matchmaker, but within the new ranges (ie the old minimum PS and the new maximum PS).

cw rewards loads of scrap, back in my days basically everybody maxed out on scrap long before the cw week was over.

and as you correctly point out, players dont play the game, they farm ressources. i used to have a little thing telling me which pvp ressource is most lucrative per avg. match.

if scrap becomes valuable expect everybody to go play for it. until the price isnt worth it anymore.

that used to be correct. easily verifiable by simply solo queueing at the same time as a friend for different ressources.

That’s also why I don’t think this system would be a problem: rising prices on any resource will push more people to play in that PS bracket, which could help prevent some PS ranges becoming too dead.

That would require me to be social in-game, which is unlikely to happen. I get more than enough Crossout social time on the forum.
I wonder though how many matches you would have to play before you randomly run into your friend?

I’m not sure this is a meaningful distinction. Playing the game in any mode (other than bedlam) is also farming resources. I’m sure some people are hyper-focused on maximizing their grind, but I doubt they are the majority, and I’m not convinced that sticking to one resource is even that efficient.
I just rotate resources until I’ve done all the weekly resource challenges. Most weeks I do not complete them all. Resource prices fluctuate a lot, so I don’t stress about it. If something is really cheap, I might save those resources until the price goes up.

all resources in missions are in ‘same’ instances.ask anyone what are they farming.
'if someone is farming wires and ur farming scrap,u get scrap and he gets wires.
(there’s not enough players to do 1 or the other)

Except that in the current system, anyone with a PS under the minimum for wires or batteries won’t be battling them, unless they are close to the PS minimum.
So there technically are some low PS queues that are scrap-only.

for them.the other players that unlocked wires n batts still get ‘wires n batts’ if thats what they farm at a lower ps…
its all still the same.

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Good point.

You might be right that we might not have enough players for what I propose. Although I’m not sure if it would be that different from the current system, as it would still put all the players within a PS range onto the same queue.