Make strafe changes only apply to hovers, mech legs, and omini directional wheels

Don’t nerf meat-grinder builds again’ this will ruin all meat-grinder builds that use 360 degree weapons and worm builds…

They are used as tracks that can strafe’ they are not “meat” to use limited angle weapons, the “strafe changes” will make it impossible to use 360 degree weapons with them’ and because limited angle weapons are garbage on them’ that will make them unusable…
Even more than what they already are, considering that you have been nerfing them for SEVEN UPDATES STRAIGHT for literal no reason as no one uses them for anything other than numbers for spiders, and the nerfs made them better at that, but made them worse as stand-alone movement parts…

I find the devs’ description of the changes confusing, and I can’t get on the test server, but is there not some way to aim guns towards the side on strafing parts anymore?
Using the free look button or something? And on that note, console does not have any such button, so how is this going to work for us?


any 360 degree weapon that is placed on a vehicle that contains strafing parts instantly, and effectivelly turns into a fixed angle weapon as of the test server.

But the description of the changes gives an example of how you could drive forward and shoot backwards on hovers, so clearly there is a way.

This is a buff not a nerf. Read it again:

    • Meat grinder: the damage of the augers increases with the increase of the vehicle’s mass. If the vehicle’s mass is less than 5000 kg, then the movement part deals base damage. The multiplier increases linearly up to 300% of the damage dealt at a vehicle’s mass of 15,000 kg.
  • Increase the strafe speed on these movement parts when the car is already going in a straight line.
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This is inconsequential too:

From now on, the driving direction of such cars will always correspond to the direction in which your camera is looking. You can turn the vehicle by rotating the camera, but you can also turn the vehicle using the special rotation keys, which will replace the strafe keys

I doubt it will take that long to adjust to it but you won’t have to hit 3 keys for the same movement on pc from the looks of it. I’m actually looking forward to testing this though.

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