Makes sense, right?

This is exactly the kind of BS I don’t need. Like I’m supposed to believe that 4 cents is just too much for that buyer. They’ll pay 631.91c, but not 631.95c. Oh-no, that’s just more than they are willing to pay. That 0.04c is just a bridge too far.

Totally not hanky panky…completely normal. Nothing to see here.

You’ll go grey early if you stress too much about tiny details, here have a beer.


PC market problems, I love our free market over on console

Easy, somebody put buy offers on the same price as sell offers, but more quantity… The transaction has been made , but was not enough items to sellfor that price. New buy offers has been made with the remaining quantity.

Obviously they meant to do a sell order.

Ya…no. I’ve been screwing with this for quite a while, watching this whale shenanigan go on.

At some point in the wee-hours the market became unblocked. I presume the market whale went to bed, and a more natural pricing scheme was allowed to emerge, and I got my Hummingbirds.

What it obviously was, is BS, and hardly unusual, but just another feature of this game that is miserable to deal with due to a-holes exploiting a vulnerable system.

these are a good sell now,i just sold mine.look how much i bought when they first came out,i got lucky on this 1 but my other junk is still too low :crazy_face:

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Holy crap, Mud. Maybe I should sell mine too.

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Well, that makes my morning. Thanks for the market tip, Mud. That’s a pretty wide profit margin for me. I went ahead and took that offer.

I only had one, so it was a little hard to sell, but it’s hardly good for anything but the META. I had a pretty cool build using it too (for being META), but I wasn’t crazy about the Gremlin-Auger-Huggin play-style. I’ll save the build to my exhibition, and buy another one if the price ever comes back down. In the meanwhile, I have a better, dumber, easier, face hugger.

Now, I guess that frees me up to sell the other components, like the Gremlins and Augers.

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nice doc,u gained more than me.does that mean ur buyin the beer? :kissing_heart:

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I guess so. I’ll call Red_Shift, and we can meet down at the grill.