Making bad weapons work

Does anyone else really like when you take a bad or unpopular weapon, and make it work good enough to function one way or the other?

I’ve been having fun with high PS hurricanes lately, any time I manage to do anything in a battle feels extra special, to the point that even mediocre success with these feels way better and rewarding than doing insanely good with things like hammerfalls etc

What bad or unpopular weapons have you guys had most fun or success with?


I loved Flutes way back in the day… Yokai was also fun but hard to use. Astraeus were great and they’ve been changed and nerfed so much that they barely resemble what they once were.

This approach is my favourite part of the game!

I love the unloved guns, and feel a lot of satisfaction making something work that I rarely see others using.

Arothron was my favourite “bad” weapon. Still sad that I sold my set when the price skyrocketed. No idea who was buying them all up at inflated prices.
Maybe someone thought they could buy them all and then wait until they got buffed?
Really hope we get an opportunity to craft them again.

I feel like the community has changed their minds over the yeads on these guns, but i love putting work in with Corvos. Theyre definitely not bad guns, but no one ever runs them. With Falcon and a cloak, they are the absolute best module popping weapon in the game imo. 3 of them with Falcon hits for 552 damage with all shots, its hitscan and can be spammed into the same pinpoint spot in about 1 second. Thats enough damage to punch through a couple of pieces of armor and pop any generator except maybe the Apollo or Odin. But yea, Corvos are my favorite ‘bad’ gun. Need to get a dedicated ride made now that the finwhale is out and about.

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Ooh, a Finwhale/Manitou/Corvo build could be very fun, good idea!

Corvos are also one of my favourite “bad” guns.

Drones, but not type shot from distance, the one you have to get up close and personal to score damage.

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Another flavor if this is mixing up weapons randomly and in obscure combinations


It’s very similar to SG gameplay but instead of SGs, with drones.
when it works it’s memorable.

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Close combat

As in any other of my builds

There’s something really satisfying about taking a less popular or ‘bad’ weapon and making it work. It feels like a real accomplishment. I’ve been having a blast with high PS hurricanes too; even small successes feel great. For me, I’ve had a lot of fun with the Reaper autocannon. It’s not the most popular, but getting it to work well in battles is super rewarding. What other underrated weapons have you guys enjoyed using?

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