Making guns more specified

Guns and builds are mostly a rock paper scissors in crossout, but does anyone else feel like there’s just too many guns that beat everything while some of the less popular guns only beat something if all the stars align? It’s like playing rock paper scissors but there’s 50+ options out of which 10 can beat everything, so I started to think about a supposed future where guns being more specified on what they can and can’t do is a thing

How would you guys feel if the devs, for whatever reason, would do such a thing. They’d still mostly function like normal, but for raw examples, what if shotguns could not shoot drones to death unless very close to them, instead of dealing damage they’d just knock them over or make them wobble a little, unless you were very close, at which point it would be a guaranteed kill even if all the pellets did not land, like almost directly beneath a Yaoguai to be able to kill it. Of course things like Parsers and Arothrons would function differently, parsers an kill a drone anywhere and Arothrons get the no damage wobble only if trying to shoot drones at too close, rather than near the “Optimal spot” for Arothrons, where then it would be a guaranteed kill (which it already is from damage alone usually)

Energy weapons instead of dealing normal damage to a Caucasus, would cause it to shortcircuit for a second but deal way lessened damage to it, possibly even to drones as well. This could also only include the plasma emitters, things like Pulsar and Guasar could damage them normally instead of having that effect.

Cyclone tanks explosions and cannon shots way better now, but is much more weaker to energy damage in general and to all damage shot from the back rather than at the shield.

Shields, aegis, barrier and nova, no longer block missiles of any kind, except the Yokai which is technically an energy missile. But they do block Heather just as they block drake.

Cannon shots destroy incoming enemy fire from normal bullets, kind of like firing at missiles or incoming phoenix bolts destroys them even before they can reach the enemy, cannons now do that to normal bullets, and weaker cannons shots even. So basically your avalanche shot could power through a volley of executioners and still hit the enemy

Just a few raw examples on what specifying guns further could mean, but would you guys be for or against something like that rather than all of them being more or less jack of all trades and some being a jack of no trades at all. Honestly it would be a lot to juggle, but it also could give some of the not so popular guns new ways to be efficient and usable