Making it to Legendary in Clan Confrontation. 🤗

just thought it would be nice for clans to post and appreciate their clan mates for achievements.
thank you MZFIT’s


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:trophy: :partying_face:

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if ur on xbox ppl will say ur using the corona b33r cheats :rofl: :rofl:

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Congratulations Buddy!!!

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None of my clans have ever made legendary cc.

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Good job!! How much did you get? :smiley:

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all the badges,we got all the clan challenges done too.


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u on xbox, im in need of a new clan the clan im in is being disband on sunday


heck yeah! It’s great to play with a great squad

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We just dropped a couple members, if you can hold 5k confrontation each week you can maybe play with us!

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i’m on PC.and

5k lol shit this isnt back then where id fuck shit up running with randoms :rofl: :rofl: i have skill but skill vs aa nd ct nd grouped ppl, i dont compete cuz it fucks ppl like me now a days thats why i rarely play pvp since late 2020 but in the clan im in now i do put in about 1200 cc points but i lose my mind way to quick when i constantly have to deal with grouped ego heads that have less then 150 days played, if it was back then they would be long gone nd uninstalled

Are you playing at a lower PS? Im just talking being able to do the 4v4 clan confrontation matches at 9k, when you play together with the clan in those and do some damage you will get lots of CC points its super easy. If you can get the CC points by doing normal matches thats great, but I dont focus on getting my CC in normal matches as it is harder whether pvp or pve

i usually run my 25k in patrol nd boom sticks in pvp now days, but heres something from back then, many think i shit talk bout fucking shit up back then cuz they werent around to even know who i am

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oh you big brute you! picking on those little guys like that. :crazy_face:

these r all from back in the day in pvp where skill played a part

Anyone who remembers me they will remember this build and how many times they got destroyed by it until shotgun wedge became a thing lol

Nice im almost to that PS, a bunch of our members play around that 25-35k levi range. Cool builds. Im sure wed be open to taking you in if youd like a new group to play with, we complete all challenges each week for all the badges, we just need you to hold 5k each week its easily achievable with us in CC matches. We also have art build challenges to win the next battle pass :slight_smile: You can play PVE with the boys and just do what you do best or be a lone wolf whatevers clever